Horoscope-chihalka for young girls

Due to the fact that now, with the onset of winter, the probability of acute respiratory infections rises sharply, many of us have to sneeze.Therefore, familiarity with horoscope-chihalkoy may be the way ...

If you sneezed on Monday

6-7ch.To you who will come
7-8ch.Because of you, he will cry
8-9ch.He thinks about you
9-10ch.You like guys
10-11ch.Met with a pretty
11-12ch.He thinks about you
12-13ch.You'll cry
13-14ch.He wants you to check
14-15ch.You'll think about it
15-16ch.Your friend loves you
16-17ch.He will be your dream
17-18ch.He recognized you in love
18-19ch.To be a serious conversation
19-20ch.Beware blond
20-21ch.Expect gift
21-22ch.He really misses you
22-23ch.Sadness because of boredom

If you sneezed on Tuesday

6-7ch.You like guys
7-8ch.Do you like her betrothed
8-9ch.Does it bother you
9-10ch girlfriend.You dreamed it
10-11ch.Fulfilling a dream
11-12ch.Will you walk with him
12-13ch.The guy wants to kiss you
13-14ch.The one about whom you think you love

14-15ch.You expect a quarrel
15-16ch.He is waiting for a kiss from you
16-17ch.He likes your name
17-18ch.Will quarrel
18-19ch.Proud guy like you
19-20ch.You love
20-21ch.To be parting
21-22ch.He does not think about you
22-23ch.You wait for his love

if you sneezed on Wednesday

6-7ch.You are interested in a lot of guys
7-8ch.He will be disappointed because you
8-9ch.Do not be so proud
9-10ch.You're someone like
10-11ch.He loves
11-12ch.Soon the joy
12-13ch.Received a note
13-14ch.Csora between you
14-15ch.A date
16-17ch.I think about you a good guy
17-18ch.You help a friend
18-19ch.Unexpected joy
19-20ch.He's waiting for something
21-22ch.I met a guy through a friend

If you sneezed on Thursday

6-7ch.To be a fun day
8-9ch.Write friend
9-10ch.He wants to be with you
10-11ch.I meet with a guy
11-12ch.You will visit a girlfriend
12-13ch.Fall in love with a stranger
14-15ch.Wait for guests
15-16ch.Wait for the cheerful company
16-17ch.He will gossip about you
17-18ch.You help someone
18-19ch.He loves you very
19-20ch.He loves you
20-21ch.He respects
22-23ch.His heart was busy with another, but thinking about you

If you sneezed on Friday

6-7ch.To be cheerful, good afternoon
7-8ch.He will be angry
8-9ch.He is looking forward to meeting
9-10ch.He loves
10-11ch.The quarrel with parents
11-12ch.Resentment friend
13-14ch unpleasant encounters.Everything will be fine
14-15ch.Sweet surprise
16-17ch expect trouble.Mutual love
17-18ch.Are you going to kiss
19-20ch.Bad feeling
20-21ch.Meeting with loved
21-22ch.He thinks about you
22-23ch.Conquer, but not that!

If you sneezed on Saturday

6-7ch.Day pass pleasantly
7-8ch.Do not go for a walk
8-9ch.Good mood
9-10ch.Will miss
10-11ch.You're like a lot of guys
11-12ch.Someone looking for your address
12-13ch.Wait for something good
13-14ch.He likes your character
14-15ch.He wants to be with you
15-16ch.He speaks well of you
16-17ch.I can not live without you
17-18ch.Obstruction in love
18-19ch.Tears of Man
19-20ch.You'll be happy
20-21ch.He wants to live with you
21-22ch.He likes other
22-23ch.And you do not love him

If you sneezed on Sunday

6-7ch.You do not like guys
7-8ch.Happy day
8-9ch.Meeting with other
9-10ch.Someone wants to meet you
10-11ch.Sadness because of love
11-12ch.Unpleasant altercation
12-13ch.Looking good
15-16ch.Ask him for a photo
16-17ch.Met his friend
17-18ch.You're not sure of his love
18-19ch.Do you like
19-20ch.Tomorrow will be with him
20-21ch.Good luck accompanies
21-22ch.Big strong love
22-23ch.Do you want to be friends with him

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