The experiments merchant Tsaritsyn Goldobin people failed in the past.

- A few years ago I came across a story Volgogradki Larissa Solomentseva, which describes events that took place in Stalingrad in the summer of 1944 - says the researcher of anomalous phenomena Volgograd Gennady Belimov.

- Her uncle, then 12-year-old boy playing hide and seek with friends near the Volga River, in the area of ​​the old cargo berths.Around stood dilapidated houses, the ground was pitted with craters.The teenager ran to hide in the ruins of an old house.With barely squeezed into a crack in the foundation, he was in the cellar, in one of the walls which gaped doorway.The boy stepped into it and got into a dark corridor.After going through it a few meters, I saw a child in front of the scattered light.Out proved overgrown with thick bushes.Parting the branches, the child was taken aback: on the beach was not one of the destroyed houses, no funnel!

push off from the dock paddle steamers, horses pulling carts up the hill, loaded with fish and vegetables.In the shadow of one of them had dinner in the sand man and a woman.The boy went up to him and looked at eatables, spread out on a white headscarf.Seeing the hungry gaze of the child, the woman gave him polkrayuhi dark rye bread and two sun-dried roach, and the man put his hand in the coin.The frightened boy ran back to the hole, through which and got to Stalingrad 1944.Only by looking at the coin, he noticed that it was brand new penny 1903!Later I found out that the house, which got the child belonged to a merchant Tsaritsyn Goldobin.

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«Tsaritsyno Nikola Tesla»

On older Tsaritsin photos Goldobin merchant house, which stood not far from the modern "sail the Volga" - a huge, dark Mahina, built in the late nineteenth century on the site of the town cemetery.And he Goldobin - mysterious person.History has not preserved even his name.

- His biography - white spot, about it there are only fragmentary information: rich citizen, who had salt and fish pier, his mansion Tsaritsani called palace - says head of department of history of the region GUK Volgograd regional museum Irina Taldykina.- Contemporaries claimed that Goldobin conducted physical experiments, trying to learn the secret of the portal in time.He was called Tsaritsyn Nikola Tesla.

Under his house there was a network of underground tunnels.After the revolution in a huge mansion settled KGB.The Bolsheviks adapted cellars under stables, the best room - under the Chancellery, and the second floor rooms were convict.Executions were carried out in the yard or on a sand spit in front of the house.Sometimes the Bolsheviks staged executions as entertainment: owners and guests were arranged on the balcony, and the victim was forced to flee after shooting.Later, in the basement of the mansion he showed a large vault, and three holes in the ditch with the corpses.

"It is still too early"

Volgogradki Laura Forysheva recalls how one day she also visited a temporary tunnel: "In the dream I was in a deep cave, where it was dark, smelly, were dirty and hungry people in sweaters and coats.I tried to talk to them, but no one answered me.Suddenly I heard a voice: "It's still early, Bring her here."I went into the world and was on the banks of the Volga in the area of ​​the destroyed mill.Perhaps I was in the world of the dead.And the place is no accident: in the area of ​​the panorama is still under the ground lie the remains of those killed during the war, soldiers and civilians.


force - proved that under the Volga River flows another - underground, for it sometimes coincides with the Volga, and sometimes divergent, which creates a powerful flow of energy - explains the psychic Irina Dubrovskaya.- It is believed that the mouth of the Queen - is a place of power, it is not surprising that the Rotor "fail" in time.However, the energy lines in the floodplain of the Queen so well located, it is one of the most favorable and positive in Volgograd for living and recreation.Negative information is already "washed away."So the residents of "Volga sails" can only envy.

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