How to find bluetooth on the laptop?

about this type of connection as bluetooth, we have almost forgotten with the advent of various online services such as Dropbox.However, at a time when the Internet is not so affordable, data is sent only way.It is particularly convenient to do this on a mobile device and a computer, without connecting thus gadgets using cord.

But if you buy a new PC or use it for the first time after reinstalling the operating system, it may be a logical question: "How to find the bluetooth on the laptop?" This is especially true for users who have never encountered this type of communication before.

How does it work?

So, for those who do not ever have to deal with wireless technology Bluetooth, explain the principle of its operation.It's very simple: to send or receive files, you must have the appropriate adapter.This can be both internal and external portable transmitter (the latter is used, for example, on desktop computers).

Data is transmitted at a distance.Depending on the power adapter, it can be up to 5-7 meters.Accordingly, if you wish using the bluetooth connection to synchronize the two devices, an important condition is their location far from each other.

to transfer data necessary to the device were connected.This is done by requesting permission to receive data on a computer or phone - depending on which side sends, and which - receives the file.This prevents unauthorized transmission of information.

To contact, electronic gadgets, engaged in the transmission, looking for each other.If your computer does not find the bluetooth device, it shows some errors that need to be addressed.

What you need to send and receive data?

So, in addition to that one device is different and asks for permission to transmit, for the connection of bluetooth adapters as needed (on the phone and on the computer).

In turn, if the mobile Bluetooth receiver internal, and no additional software to put it is not necessary, in the case of a laptop or computer, make sure drivers are required to enable work with the transmitter.Therefore, if you see that bluetooth laptop does not find the phone, the first thing you need to do - check the relevant drivers on the adapter.This will be discussed more below.Now, once again we talk about the basic issues and points that are important to get started.

Where to find bluetooth in a laptop?

So, it happens that we buy a laptop and do not know exactly whether there is the possibility to transfer files via Bluetooth or not.In fact, such a situation may arise in the case, when you use the computer for several years, after which it became necessary to refer a file.We describe how to set up the presence of the adapter, as well as talking about where to find a bluetooth laptop.

First you need to find their way on the external design of the computer, is there a transmitter for wireless communications.Consider the labels on the back of the gadget.Typically, manufacturers leave labels with symbols Bluetooth-technology.If such is your computer, consider that you can use this way of communication.

If the appearance of laptop to see if he has bluetooth, you can not, you need to refer to the software to find out.If you have Windows 7 or 8 generations it can be done from the "Start" menu.There is an icon taken out, referring to the control menu Bluetooth.

If running Windows XP, or you can not find such a key, then you need to go to "Control Panel", and then - in the menu "Device Manager".In that case, if you do not know how to find the bluetooth on the laptop needed to study this section.In it you will definitely see if the adapter is connected, whether it is ready to use or not.

Set up transmit and receive

In that case, if you find a device associated with the technology of Bluetooth, go to him and find out whether the driver needs to be updated.It may be that on the adapter is simply no appropriate drivers or they are outdated and sometimes does not fit.

To solve the problem, just go to the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop and look for the section "Downloads".There you can find the current driver for your Bluetooth and download it.This is done free of charge and very simple.If everything is done correctly manipulated, the problem with the fact that the phone does not find the bluetooth on the laptop, will be solved.

Turning the unit

Another question - is to activate the adapter at the reception, its detection in another network device.To start you need to turn on bluetooth.You can do this in several ways.

first - the easiest - is to use a special program that comes bundled with some laptops.It is standard, as designed by the manufacturer, and it is easy to control the sending and receiving files.If there is one, consider yourself lucky.

second method of how to find the bluetooth on the laptop (or rather, to include it) - the use of hotkeys.However, pre-need to be sure that your computer has a driver for their use.It is simple: you need to hold down the Fn key and press F, indicating the inclusion of Bluetooth (on the Asus is, for example, F2).Likewise, by the way, it can be on or off.Conveniently enough, agree.

The third way - is to install a third-party management software bluetooth adapter.There are many, the most common - BlueSoleil and Widcomm.Use them or not, you choose.First, for example, it is offered at $ 30, the second - for free.

About transmitted data

Finally, be sure to consider what data can be transferred in the manner described in this article.It is one thing - to send a document or an audio file of short duration, and quite another - a transfer of bulky video files and archives.In order to share the latest, of course, to use the aforementioned Dropbox and Google Disk.The answer to the question of how to find the bluetooth on the laptop, then you do not need to look.