What are the boys?

The issue of what should be the guys, the girls discussed almost an eternity.And often you can hear from them that these men have time to bring in the Red Book - very rarely do they meet.But in fact, everything is easier, because every girl's different preferences.


Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are constantly complaining that they were still alone.Then it might be worth thinking about your character?Often these girls too impose excessive demands on their potential to the young man.They too idealized notion of what should be a man of dreams.But we all know that perfect people do not exist, and each has its drawbacks.Because you should think about it and to reduce its demands to the young people.


often among girls conducted social surveys, in which researchers are trying to understand - what should be the guys in their opinion.Many claimed that the appearance is not important, and plays a major role in nature.It's quite the right approach, though not all adhere to.Confidence - that's what girls are interested in the representatives of a strong half of mankind.What should be the guys with whom relations may be promising?This man should know what he wants from life, and to do everything possible to achieve their goal.It has to be rational, do not waste your time on trifles.Also, the guy has to answer for his words.To be straightforward, frank - it shows his strength of will.More two important qualities - it's dedication and loyalty.It is important to every girl.She wants to feel needed, to know that it will not betray.Finally, reliability - is another key quality.It is a sign of a stable relationship.In general, the girls to the question "what should be your boyfriend" answer about the same.Everyone wants to feel loved and to know that she can always rely on your chosen.


What qualities should a guy to his relationship with the girl had success?Here, in fact, all simple.The foundation, which is the basis of any relationship - is a common interest.For many couples met each other in the places where they got their own reasons - at the library, at the exhibition, at the themed bar, at a concert or a football match.If people who liked each other, there's something to talk about - it means a lot.Perhaps in the future, these relations will grow into something more.However, it not always is such that a pair of perfect match interests.Here the main thing - tolerance and the ability to compromise - is the quality of girls guys appreciate.But it is also necessary to remember.Only by understanding and respecting each other's interests or his chosen lady, you can build a strong relationship.


foolish to claim that looks do not matter.Everyone knows that it is important, but not everyone can recognize it.Girls often wonder about the kind of growth should be the guy.Basically, they think about it or too high of the fair sex, or very little.The vast majority of women believe that the man should be higher, but not much.However, all this is conditional.There is no definite answer to the question of how tall the guy must be, because it all depends on the girl and her preferences.Regarding the appearance it should be noted that each of us has its own ideal.The girls say that man should be, firstly, neat and well-groomed.No one likes the person with bitten fingernails, unwashed head and unwashed clothes.It repels.In fact, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity literally go crazy if man enjoys a good cologne.It is difficult to choose a versatile option because each different taste preferences, however, should take note.Also during some surveys it was found that girls like guys are athletic.It is not necessary to spend half my life in the gym, but keep yourself in shape - is necessary.In fact, the majority of boys to girls the same requirements, because very few people like to be on the body of too much excess.

Friendship - the basis of relations

Much has been said about what has to be the guy.The qualities listed above if they are inherent to the young man, make it a uniquely better, but there is something more important.They say that the best relationships - the ones that start with friendship.The majority of cases proves it.Matter is not only common interests, well-kept appearance, character traits.It is important that if a girl have problems in her life and she wants to talk about them to the young man - he would be willing to listen to her.It should not be indifferent to her and her life, to share with her not only joy but also sadness.It's - attention, and this quality is the most valuable in any person.Not so important gifts, flowers and compliments, much more support for the right words at the right time.This creates trust, which is another component of strong and long-lasting relationships.If it is not, the girl feels lonely and not correct her boyfriend.

variety of flavors

Today we can see a lot of variety pairs.Everyone chooses his chosen one, or chosen by their personal preferences.Some girls like an intelligent young people who love a cup of tea in the evening read Dostoevsky, and others - the "bad" guys, leaping through the city at a speed of 200 km / h, and listening to heavy rock.Appearance is also a concern.Some of the girls are crazy about brown-eyed brunette others can not take his eyes from blue-eyed blonds.In order to enjoy this or that lady, it is necessary to find out the tastes and preferences.Make it easy, especially in our time.After all, almost all registered today in social networks, where you can see - in what is a girl group, see a list of her recordings, read the quotes that interested her.So it will make a small idea of ​​what she wants to see the guy next to him and possibly work on them in order to bring themselves to the ideal of the beloved.

sincerity of feelings

Finally, it should be noted that almost all the girls in one voice say that they like the guys who love them not for the body and appearance, and their soul.Of course, pleasant to hear in your address compliments and praise, but every young woman wants to know that her lover she is primarily a person, not a picture.And in fact when you feel loved, then it would be desirable to reciprocate.In general, it is meaningless to draw himself ideals and perfect people, because love always comes unexpectedly.And many can argue on the subject of what should be the boys and girls, but practice shows that often young people find their own destiny where absolutely did not expect it, and build a relationship with the person with whom it is not even possible.