What does the symbol "alpha"?

«I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end ... who is and was and is to come ..." (Rev. 1: 8)

Symbolism surrounds people on all sides.By studying the signs, man expands his consciousness and can take a new look at the world.

Alpha Alpha - a symbol of the birth of the Greek alphabet.In the Syrian, Cretan and Sinai letter was turned over and looked like a horned bull's head in the shape of a triangle.In various Aramaic, Palestinian and Attic cases it leans to one side and, in the end, comes to our "A".

Greek alphabet

Currently, the Greek alphabet used by the Greek Diaspora in the Black Sea region of Russia, Southern Italy and Southern Albania, as well as some aromanians and meglenorumynami, gypsies, Slavs, and Muslim groups of northern Greece.

It is also widely used in science.For example, when referring to the chemistry of organic compounds, in physics - many constants, variables, and the other, in astronomy - angles, shapes and planes used alpha character.In mathematics, they represent, for example, the sine of the angle.

Greek letters

In ancient times, all the letters were sacred meaning.

So, symbols of alpha, beta, gamma and other Greek letters have a different meaning.Consider some of them.

Alfa originally meant a bull and assumed care of the cattle, and the augmentation of the proper use of wealth.

Beta meant violating the unity and even possessed by demonic properties.In some religions it is identified with a call to God.

symbols alpha and beta is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.In total, it has twenty-four letters.The article discusses in detail only two of them.

Omega means abundance and wealth, the apotheosis, the successful completion of the case.In numerical terms, it means his "faith" and "sir."Thus, this symbol indicates a belief in God, regardless of the type of religion.

roundness omega opened the sometimes interpreted as hell.Omega - a circle, alpha - a symbol, symbolizing the compass, charting the circle.

is worth noting that the compass and circle there in Freemasonry, and Taoism.

why Christ used the Greek alphabet when the expression "I am the Alpha and Omega ..."?

interesting is that in the Greek alphabet has no letters corresponding to "B".Only the "Upsilon» (Y) is somewhat reminiscent of her sound, but does not match completely.

Curiously, Aramaic and Greek alphabets like.Apparently, they have a single parent language.However, the letter corresponding to each other before and after that, in the position of a "B" are missing, ie Aramaic "Vav" has no counterpart in the Greek language in the same position.Omega is only in the last place, and in the Hebrew (Aramaic) alphabet - the sixth.I remember that Jesus, speaking Aramaic, why is used in his speech, "the Alpha and the Omega."

fact that the mentality of the Greeks consisted of paramount spiritual reverence.It is the "El" (the spirit) is the principal.Therefore, the most spiritual letter "Alpha", symbolizing the spirit was in the first place, and the most carnal letter "Omega" may gradually in the language passed in the end of the alphabet.

Then it becomes clear why Christ used Greek letters.After all, if he had said in Aramaic, the first letter "Aleph" would mean a bull, that is what he said would be "I am a bull."Involuntarily comes to the association with the worship of the "golden calf".

Alpha and Omega in banknotes

If you look closely to the notation of money, it becomes obvious that they represent a certain character.What characterizes these signs?After coming up with the currency, the authors certainly want it to flourish in the future.

Alpha and Omega as a symbol often found in many banknotes.Apart from these, you can find traces of yin and yang, the number Pi and more.

Manifest alpha is the British pound sterling.

in US dollars and Israeli shekels are drawn line yin and yang, and the Chinese currency - the number Pi.

Maybe a country with a currency symbol in the contours of Omega, will play a special role?

Omega - a symbol of magic

Sorcerers believe that magic came when man learned to interrupt infinity.

space initially consists of yarns and fillers that are always in vibration.They can hear and act on them, modifying the sound.

Each object has its own range.When changing it to an object which may disappear or become different.But this can be done only by those who freed his spirit from the call, which carries the Omega symbol.Students

same magic with the help of symbols, signs, sounds, feel the vibration in himself and thus have some opportunity to influence the universe.

Omega symbol is the most difficult.He - the only one that contains the complete matrix decimal code.Other characters are designed to destroy the power of this.

Everyone should strive to destroy the confidence of his or master it.

Omega consists of "O" means a single Spirit and Soul and "Mega" - call.That is, instead of the symbol represents a challenge which received the Spirit.Contemporary its value may sound like the evolution of the individual.

symbol is the end for all.Having come to know it, man must transform the form - to make ends and create a ring.

He always used in conjunction with other symbols.

Alpha - a symbol of magic

magicians believed that the phrase "I am the Alpha and the Omega" can be said in one word "Alpha", as the Alpha - Omega symbol in motion.

purchasing its direction, the upper part of the Omega extended and sharpened.However, a stable character About Omega does not shrink at the bottom.Sharing a trait caused by internal stress, it gives rise to the appearance of the Alpha.Only the force of human will is able to create it.

As long as the magician aspires to anything, and its actions are subordinated to this goal, it may dispose of the Alpha, and the possibility of becoming endless.

«I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and last ..." - a vow magicians, they give themselves and are able to use magic, which can be used in constructive and destructive purposes.

magicians believed that when alpha symbol placed next to the Omega, they are contradicting each other, may not be beneficial and can even be harmful.

Alpha and the Omega - the secret symbol

famous dictum of God can be decrypted using Pimandera - the main opus hermetic vault, a monk brought to Florence from Macedonia in the fifteenth century.

It reveals the profound mysteries of the mind and of the world.

taken as a basis, some postulates that God is light, located in an environment that is not perceived by our ordinary consciousness, so it is called "Nothing" or "outer darkness."It surrounds God, having neither beginning nor end.God the light, on the other hand contains all the principles and has a beginning and an end.

God-light has a border, a circle, which is filled with light and at the same time does not belong to him or outer-darkness.This ring is a mystery of origin of the beginning and the end, and it appears from Omega.

God-light, darkness-making in the outer loop of its rings, opens at the bottom of the circle.There that the word of God.

darkness penetrates the outer-loop, and there are two hundred million - internal and external.At the same time, the inner darkness is divine and is subject to God.Here it is revealed the mystery of baptism.John cleansed people, myself being in the water.And God is in the darkness, outer, purified himself and baptized.The essence of the cross is that it shares and promotes God, and every evil is afraid of him, as when cleaning disappear.

Two rings, approaching in darkness, outer, turn it out into the infinite limit, and then, touching and partially intersecting when combined rotational and translational principles create a new - linear motion or the principle of trinity.The Omega it opens in a spiral form.

In the material world node Omega clearly visible in the black holes in the universe.Matter spirals sucked into them, forming a dark matter or inner-darkness.

Inside Omega formed wet nature which are born innumerable forms and types.Further, the energy generated in the chaos (hell), then there is balance, stability - stable power range, leading to the emergence of sound.Finally, the dead come to life.

There are new living forms of live sounds.Further, no form is no longer there, but the remnants of darkness, connecting with his father, generate the Holy Spirit.

After the divine light filled top space formed by this triangle rest of the space it can only illuminate rays.The figures in the sign resulting from the separation of the living from the dead - Alpha, are symbols of the divine light.

Alpha and the Omega - the character in the realization of which offers some basic secrets of the universe.The essence of things and the energy created them, are seen in a new way, and the person acquiring secret knowledge, can open a new ability.