Can we celebrate 40 years of the woman?

Birthday - one of the most exciting holidays of the year.And, of course, decided to celebrate anniversaries rapid triumph.But many people are interested in the question of whether we can celebrate 40 years of women.After all, there are many beliefs and prejudices that inhibit celebrate this date.

Can we celebrate 40 years of the woman?

In fact, the 40-year anniversary of this is surrounded by mystery.It is considered that in any case it is impossible to celebrate this day.Esoteric and a superstitious people give dozens of the most different explanations that somehow forbidden to organize a celebration on that day.Some people firmly believe that if the open note fortieth birthday, it can lead to a terrible misfortune in life hero of the day.

So is it possible to celebrate 40 years of the woman?Is there evidence of the most terrible misfortunes that happen, if it is to break the unwritten rule?Answers to these questions will be of interest to many.

40th anniversary and culture of ancient peoples

In fact, not all the peoples of the figure of 40 is considered a bad sign.For example, the Slavs used a 40-hexadecimal number system.In addition, "forty" was a quantitative measure.

If you dig deeper and think about ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome, it is possible to learn that the 40-year anniversary of people celebrated in the circle of close friends.40 years is the moment of sunrise and strength of mind, but at the same time the beginning and end of the age.The fact is that in those days of constant wars lucky few managed to survive for more than fifty years.Some people believe that there is no need to draw attention to old age.

course now all these arguments were not significant.Thanks to the development of medicine the average age of a person is significantly increased.

40 years in terms of religion

Many people on the question of whether we can celebrate 40 years of women, refer to religion.After all, it is no secret that the number 40 is very important for Christian history and traditions.For example, it is assumed that it is forty days after the death of the soul of man wanders the earth.And forty years the Jewish people wandered in the desert for 40 days Jesus was in the desert.The same day lasted Flood.

postpartum women for forty days is forbidden to go to church - only after that period it can be considered clean.

Yes, this number is important in religion.But these facts did not explain the ban on the birthday celebration.


It is worth considering, and the other side of the issue.For all of the above events, one way or another, ends well (even a flood is considered a symbol of cleansing from sin, and a new, better world).

In addition, Christianity prohibits all kinds of folk superstitions.If you ask the priest about whether women are celebrating 40 years, it is likely to be surprised.Despite numerous references to the Holy Scriptures, the Bible does not forbid celebrating this anniversary.Moreover, belief in such signs is strongly condemned.

the way, if you are interested in the question of whether there was a woman 40 years old, you should learn about another fact.Initially, this anniversary is forbidden to celebrate the men - for the stronger sex, he was considered a turning point.But women, it usually does not touch.

Why not celebrate the fortieth anniversary?Terms of esoteric

Some modern magicians, sorcerers and fortune tellers link to numerology.But this figure does not carry a negative value.For example, the number 4 symbolizes creation.40 years in numerology represents a kind of transformation of mind, a change of perception and outlook.Yes, forty years - this is important, but that it is impossible to celebrate, there is no information.

some esoteric belief associated with the mystical properties of the Tarot, which number corresponds to the 40 Major Arcana "Death."Represented by the card with the letter "M", which is equal to the number 4.

40th anniversary and traditions of other nations

course, you can ask about the traditions and culture of other nations.For example, residents of Germany are unlikely to have heard of such a belief.But in Japan, the number 4 (in numerology the number 40 = 4 + 0) is considered a sign of death.Some very superstitious eastern residents do not celebrate the fortieth anniversary of not only, but any day of the birth, in which there is four.Others refuse to live on the fourth floor in the house or under the number "four".Therefore, if you ask, you celebrate 40 years of women of the East, we can safely say that it all depends on traditions and upbringing.

Some people refer to Muslim tradition - they are 40 years of not exactly celebrating ... As well as all the other birthdays.Their religion and culture of this concept is not.Even the prophet Muhammad did not mark such dates.Devote celebration itself means raise himself above God.On the other hand, many Muslim families celebrate birthdays in a big circle of relatives, but without the music and alcohol, of course.

What happens if to celebrate a birthday?

Of course, many people do not celebrate its 40 years.Why not celebrate a woman such an important date?It is estimated that forty-year milestone - a turning point.Fun at this time can draw the attention of the higher powers and, consequently, cause their discontent.

Some fortune tellers, esoteric and superstitious people threatened with terrible diseases, misfortunes and the unimaginable suffering the fair sex who do decide on a holiday.Even if with the birthday girl did not happen, it is only because of her grief passed to a close friend.

there evidence of such prejudice?Of course, you can find people who after the fortieth birthday encountered problems and misfortunes.But there are no less than those who cheerfully celebrated as a momentous day, and remained alive and well with all the loved ones.

40 years: especially age physiology and psychology

Since we reviewed the ancient traditions and beliefs, it is a good idea to ask the opinion of researchers.What do psychologists say about the date of 40 years?Why not celebrate this holiday woman?Do researchers agree with this point of view?

Immediately it should be said that the fortieth anniversary - a milestone in terms of physiology and psychology.After 40 years of medical condition often begins to deteriorate, as well as health.A woman's body undergoes changes and is preparing for a new phase - menopause (although it can occur much later), which makes it impossible to have children.In addition, quite often start to show a variety of chronic diseases.There is a noticeable gray hair, the skin is not as elastic, covered with small wrinkles - a belief in their own attractiveness begins to melt.Naturally, these changes can not affect the mental state of a woman.

On the other hand, about this age is a kind of mental transformation.Man becomes really mature.Often, a woman in 40 years look back at the path and evaluate their achievements, recall error.Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of important achievements or indeed a dream come true.Such an analysis is literally cuts the ground from under his feet, after comes the understanding that time and opportunities there are not many.

Many women can not tolerate a date in 40 years.Celebrate or not - decide.Psychologists say that nothing wrong is not the triumph.On the contrary, dialogue with relatives and loved ones help avoid depression.On the other hand, there are laws of self-hypnosis - if you believe that the punishment will come for fun, it is likely you are to get it, and it can come in different forms.

As noted 40 years woman?

What to do if you are still afraid of self-fulfilling prophecy?In such cases, the anniversary of 40 years old woman is to celebrate at home.They say that the native walls will protect the birthday of negative energy.In addition, it collects only close relatives and friends - if you are superstitious, you should not organize a noisy party with dozens of guests.

Some people advised during celebrations not to mention his cause.For example, toasts in honor of "the beginning of the forties" or "farewell to the 39th anniversary."In a pinch, you can arrange any theme party or a get together to celebrate some holy day.By the way, you can always move the party the next day - this will make all the omens and superstitions irrelevant.

In any case, you should not rely on superstition alone - to start explore different points of view and make appropriate conclusions.After all, most of the signs explanation absolutely nothing to prove, and some literally "far-fetched".