How to overcome the desire to smoke

fair to say that the desire to take up a cigarette appears in all quit smoking without exception.Even those who have been got rid of this habit, from time to time there is such a desire, but because it does not need to be afraid or ashamed of, however, and go on about the arising of desire not to be, as in this case, lost the meaning of the decision to quit smoking.

all can be overcome

duration of the period of acute desire of approximately about four months, which is not really that long.The most acute phase does not occur immediately, but only after about a week after quitting.Expression of the desire to smoke depends on each individual, however, the critical periods in all, mostly similar to each other, and there are a total of four.They last for about a year or a year and a half since the refusal of a bad habit, and then desire becomes much weaker and overcome it becomes much easier.

starts acting

Naturally, in order to overcome an acute desire to take up a cigarette, you need to take action, and tactics of behavior for each individual case has to be special.

Seizing or drink cravings should not be exactly as assistance from the body that there is absolutely no.Of the existing methods need to pick up the most suitable, or to combine the methods below:

  • cigarette is replaced with a toothpick or a stick, you can use a rolled-up paper.
  • formulate concrete verbal formula, which give away the main reasons for the refusal of a bad habit.
  • At the time of the attack dramatically change the type of activity, and then to return to the abandoned occupation.
  • advance to come up activity to which it would be possible to switch, whether it's listening to your favorite music or games on your computer.
  • learn how to perform a special breathing exercises, even the most simple exercises.

These solutions to the problem of distraction from smoking, of course, an approximation, we can think of more ways to overcome the acute attack and sudden desire to take a cigarette.The main thing in this case - remember that over time, such attacks will only weaken and become over time much less, so the struggle, after a certain period of time will have to go on the machine.