Guessing on the water: types and methods.

Increasingly modern world turns its attention to the centuries-old knowledge and practices that prove to be not meaningless theater and religious activities, and find their scientific substantiation.One of the latest "discovery" suggests that water has memory.Empirically, scientists have confirmed that every human thought is a liquid substance reflected.Is it any wonder that in ancient divination on the water gave to our first parents all the answers, what they could at the time to worry.Ask

water ...

Water not only remembers, she knows all that was, is and will be in this world.We know it, and then when, finally, academic minds will explain all of its "magical" properties.But this is not the most urgent problem, taking care of an average person.Much more he wanted to know the answers to the immediate concerns of the moment questions.There is nothing impossible in this world if you know how to guess right on the water.Before you try to practice the old method, read the rules, without which actions taken may be ineffective.

When to divination

Optimally - during strong Moon (when it is growing or complete) or during Christmas time.

you get an answer to the question, if the wave of thought overwhelmed you have a day or even more.In the event that the issue troubling the mind from time to time, focus their attention on it purposefully.Think about the problem during the day and at night organize divination by water, one of the methods described herein.


  • conduct the ritual can be alone or in a circle of associates.Especially successful when the group has a "man-conductor."Let it not be a psychic, but if self-fulfilling dreams for him - the usual thing, it means that the problems with the interpretation should arise.
  • With any method of divination you will need a water tank.The most convenient - deep metal bowl.The remaining items on the need: candle (required wax instead of paraffin!), Mirror, matches and a couple of pencils.
  • The water must be cold and features: Epiphany, the sanctified, the key, the well, rainwater or treated at home by freezing followed by thawing.Just dial from the tap is not necessary, it is clogged with unnecessary information.

Guessing on candles and water

three days before the ritual, prepare three church candles and put water in my room in a small container.On the night after midnight, set the water on the table and candles around the corners of an imaginary triangle.Place the mirror over a candle that "top" shape.

Guessing on the water begin to focus on the question, the answer to which I would like to know.It should be detached to look through the water surface until a certain change of image that you want to remember.This is the answer to the exciting theme.

Thus it is possible to get information from the near future.Just do not overdo it.If within 10 minutes nothing happens, extinguish the candle and go to bed.Perhaps the information channel is closed for your own good.

Guessing on matches and water

Held in the Christmas period or Christmastide unmarried girls.On the night of the execution rite young person sees in a dream of her future husband.Guessing at the matches and the water extremely simple and reliable.

Before going to bed at the head (on a stool, for example), put a small bowl of water (dish).On top of it lay in the center of a pair of parallel pencil at a small distance from each other (as rails).They start to spread on top of the bridge with the help of matches (such as sleepers).But leave the unfinished bridge, laid out to the middle of the path (pencils).This is done in order to sleep, "not run away," remembered.

morning or the next day you remember a prophetic dream.Telling it can only be in the afternoon.Predicting the fate

using wax

  • When you start guessing on the water, do not miss the thoughts that worry you, repeat to yourself or aloud the question again and again.
  • Pour the water into the prepared container.For greater effect can be put to the bottom of the mirror, but not necessarily.
  • Take the candle wax, remove the wick.Wax candles melt over the fire (in a big spoon, ladle, a coffee machine or other suitable container).
  • Once all the wax has melted, do not hesitate to pour it into the water.Guessing on the water brooks no fuss.Do this carefully, trying not to drive by hand from side to side, the exact center of the bowl with water.Follow the metamorphosis of wax in the process, because the water does not just answers the question, it can tell the sequence of events.If you are sure that you first saw a certain figure, then it is replaced by another, and then a third, remember all of them in order of appearance.Interpret the same sequence.
  • Carefully inspect the intricate shapes that turned out in the end, on all sides and through the mirror, if you put it on the bottom of the tank.Determine what or who reminds you of the most modified wax.

interpretation of characters

divination Interpretation of wax on water individually in each case.This should be considered.The value has everything: the nature of the issue, the identity of the questioner (sex, age, temperament, social status), specific circumstances.Nevertheless, there are images, the interpretation of which is approximately the same.If you guessing on the water with a candle for the first time, practice on the interpretation of the wax figures of the minimum, or you do not dare express aloud the assumption arose, use an auxiliary explanatory dictionary.

animate characters

Stork - you are happily married or have a baby soon.

Angel - help will come from an unexpected quarter.

Butterfly - success in love.

Camel - a fun trip.

Wolf - the enemy, the quarrel.

Rider - trouble.

Crow - bad luck, bad luck.

eye - deception.

caterpillar worm - selfishness.

Dragon - wish fulfillment, finding harmony.

Hedgehog - you need to change the type of conduct, have more trust in people.

woman - can mean both wise sovetchitsa and razluchnitsa.

Hare - danger.

Beast - foe and foe.

Snake - a serious illness.

horse - a lot of work or business require urgent intervention.

cat or cat - a betrayal of those who are trusted.

Chicken - prosperous family life.

Swan - good news.

Leo - success in business.

Medusa - your secret will be made public.

man - one for girls - the bride, who will be or, conversely, leave.

Bear - friendship.

Mouse - petty squabbles, the loss of money, but not very big.

Monkey - an insincere one.

Deer - prosperity.

Rooster - treason.

Spider - deceit and betrayal.

Birds - good news or a new love.

Bee - work will benefit you and the loved ones.

child - a pregnancy or a new project.

Fish - adaptation to the new conditions, comfort.

Elephant - wisdom, advice from older age.

Dog - a loyal friend, a comrade.

Owl - illness, setbacks, difficulties.

Tiger - an unexpected danger.

Duck - good luck, prosperity in business.

Turtle - delays in business.

Lizard - unpleasant encounter.

Inanimate images

car, wagon, aircraft, boots or other object, symbolizing the movement, promising journey.Pay attention to his appearance.For example, "shabby" car heralds an unsuccessful trip.

Arch - behind an important life stage, the new stage of development.

shoe - life changes.

Tower - a change of social status (career or marriage).

mounds, bumps - the difficulty, perhaps insurmountable.

letters or numbers - significant date or indicate the specific names.

Veer - difficulties at work or serious family problems.

Wreath - most happy marriage.

Grapes - love, financial health, luck, prosperity, abundance.

Carnation - the birth of a child.

Guitar - execution aspirations.

Mushroom - life force, perseverance, longevity, surprises.

Home - changes that can move.

Spruce - success.

Star - career, good luck, good news, true love, happiness.

key - the performance desired, the confidence, knowledge, a time when success in their own hands.

Book - training, perhaps, a new life stage.

Bell - important news.Good or bad - depending on the shape of the figure.

Ship - More interesting journey.

Cart - behind the troubles ahead - change.

Cross - sickness or trouble, but it can be overcome.

Circle - fixation on the problem or immutability, in your case, nothing changes.

staircase - career.

leaf tree - fragile luck.

machine - increasing responsibility, taking over the management of the case.

mill - a lot of work, gossip.

Hammer - a sign of strength, the ability to move mountains to achieve the goal.

Bridge - is necessary to reach a compromise, only the output of the current difficult situation will be found.

Anvil - a strong financial position, achieved by their own labor.

Knife - relationship discord, hatred, strife.

Scissors - a conflict at work or discord in the family.

Clouds - a premature question, impossible dreams.

Points - an incorrect view of the situation, it is necessary to change the view.

Horseshoe - success, happiness, luck.

Stripes - the road, perhaps a distant trip.

straight line - the beginning of an important cause.

Rose - a dream come true love.

point - profit, good money.

Flower - execution of the most cherished dreams.

Cup - a harmonious existence.

Cap - to the guests.

Ball, ball, sphere - a stable position in which it is important not to stop there, go ahead.

apple - health, love, material wealth.If it is something messed up, you should resist the temptation.

Egg - new ideas and dreams.