What should be the farewell to mother to daughter at the wedding?

course, the wedding day is very exciting, not only for the culprit celebration, beautiful bride, but for at least a great mom.

role of the mother during the wedding ceremony is invaluable: it is she, a woman, to grow from a little girl charming girl should meet her lover, give him the treasure, now bless both their children and the right to say farewell to his mother at the wedding of his daughter.

What is the strength of the parent's blessing?

Long since we revered his father and mother and listened to every word.Particular importance attaches to the word mother at the wedding, when she gives her daughter to another family, and, of course, very worried that her child showed there his best side.To all my daughter got on and around the house, and in the relationship.

So farewell to the mother for her daughter's wedding should be held, first, a positive charge, and secondly, to be based on the experience of the mother herself, held the crucible of family life and knows how to behave in a wise woman.

Increases the effect of good wishes for the presence of icons.For the blessing of the youth, tend to choose the icon of the Mother of God, but we can take another.The main thing is that after the wedding, the icon remained in the house of the young.

How to prepare for parting?

course, neither ready, nor as soothing drink, traitor tear-no, no yes and glistens on my mother's eyes.It's nothing, it's natural, and it should be.Farewell to mother to daughter at the wedding to tears he touches not only the bride and her mother, but also for all romantically inclined guests.

However, the mother of the bride should keep yourself in their hands, so as not to "paste up" at all - excessive crying at the wedding inappropriate.

On the eve of the solemn events several options write greetings, farewell.Read each aloud.If you can not dwell on any one, ask the opinion of her husband or close friends - with their help you will be able to choose the best wedding wishes of the mother of the bride.

few times of reading and memorizing guarantee allows more relaxed and without unnecessary emotions relate to spoken touching words - do not ignore this rule.

also read a leaflet undignified farewell.Mama's wishes have to go from the heart, and in the hands of a crib could adversely affect the opinion of your future son-and the all guests.

Comedy permissible?

Honestly, mother of the bride on the wedding day is not joking.And "make fun" of her child, who is now standing on the threshold of his new life among mothers of brides like it is not accepted.

moms have more in honor of the beautiful, gentle, wise speech, appropriate for this occasion.And another important point - parting speech should be capacious, but short.

right to give young funny greetings, friends, girlfriends, daughters, while you concentrate on useful and wise counsel, decorated in a beautiful and nebudnichnye word.

For example, these:

«My dear daughter.Only now, when you stand on the threshold of his own happiness, I understand that you grew up, what do you afford to raise a family, to create comfort in your home, give birth and raise their children.Remember, my dear, that even a strong woman has the right to be fragile and vulnerable and count on the help of her husband.But she also has the duty: to help and support him in every way.

Paying marry you, I gain more and son, which I hope will cherish and love you, and you, daughter, loves it, because the family and on the holding - in the understanding of love.And always will be.Reinforce this ancient tradition by example. "

in verse or prose?Parting words

mother to daughter at the wedding is welcome as a poetic and prose.The only requirement to one and to another - they have to be very beautiful, memorable.If

excitement just too afraid to forget the words, complete your farewell in the form of old letters with a stamp or a letter in an unusual envelope.So are you a clue to ensure a young - an original souvenir.

The only problem is that my daughter congratulations to the wedding in verse is very similar.They can be downloaded in batches from different sites and not find a single unique.

If you have observed a talent for rhyming, you can come up with their own poetic farewell, the likes of which are not available anywhere else.If not - congratulations prose.But it should not be a fresh, ordinary and banal.

Even such hackneyed versions wishes as family welfare, women's happiness, the frequent arrival of a stork, love, can be submitted in a completely unusual way.

If you doubt your abilities of literary, can be charged to draw up the parent wedding speech by specially trained people.Any copywriter, writer, poet, gifted toastmaster gladly help you and farewell to mother to daughter at the wedding will be an individual, it may even become a wedding-congratulatory masterpiece.

And one more thing: your mother's parting words to be remembered for your daughter, not only as a great greeting speech, but also as a fount of female wisdom, which she can use in her family life.