The ABCs of relations: the behavior of a man in love

How many people in the world, so many ideas about what love is and how it should be manifested in our deeds, actions, emotions.Each of us has his own ideal of love, their stereotypes, and often we focus on them, trying to figure out how to relate to us the opposite sex, calling us sincere sympathy.

We watch together

Women always useful to know how to behave in love with a man.Because then you can calculate in advance of his behavior and a reward, if the lady is counting on the seriousness of the relationship or try to reduce everything to "no", if the prospect of living together are not particularly enthusiastic.

So mentally ready armed notepad and pencil, and play a spy-heartbreaker!

  • There is a saying: "A good wife always sick husband."No, just take it not worth it.The essence of the expression of that loving man protects and pities his woman tries to protect her from many problems - household, material.This will pop up in bad weather itself for bread returned from work to his wife, do not sit at the computer or TV, and go to the kitchen - cook something, etc.Charter itself, he realizes that he and his wife, too tired, so try to help her.Most loving husbands prefer that their wives were not working, were household.To ensure prosperity in the family they choose themselves spinning at several jobs just to meet them in the evening, fresh, young and attractive looking lovely woman with a gentle, pleasant smile on his lips.
  • revealing the behavior of a man in love with a trivial situation where the kitchen flows tap or in-law begins to read another lecture about the salty soup.In the first case he tries to fix the damage himself, without waiting until asked to do so.And if you can not - connect friends, find plumbing, in a word, warning in advance, and all this without words, hints and coaxing.And the second - courageously eat a plate, ask for supplements, praising cooking and alone with my mother finds such strong words that the mother in law never will speak against his beloved wife claims without a very serious reason.
  • How does the man in love can be identified by his gifts.He would not wait for a special occasion to give flowers, good perfume, invite to the cinema or a restaurant - the reason for it is the very joy of his beloved.Often it give gifts as a man worries and cares about you.If the cold winter in the New Year, he presented the shawl (heating on the economy, in the apartment of your too clearly Tashkent, you do it the other day told coughing and "sniffing" the nose), wrapped up in that, you feel warm and cozy, securely - it really cares your health and well-being.Of course, yuvelirka would be preferable, but not a new ring will protect from the cold as warm shawl!
  • It so happens that the loved one we annoy some manners, habits, appearance details.Tolerance and harmony to you to change something in yourself - that's the behavior of a man in love.He is ready to put up with your favorite cat, though it is, alas, not always distinguished neat or bluff smell your perfume, if you are the most fun.He shaves off his mustache, you only hint that the vegetation under the nose prevents you kiss.Respect, understanding, kindness, fear to disappoint - these and many other qualities distinguish a man who loves you from the rest.And such a man should cherish, and relations - to cherish!

little about love and astrology

In this age of rationality and reason few people believe in astrology prediction and that "marriages are made in heaven."And yet, getting acquainted with the man, as if by chance we are interested in the date of birth, and then begin to search through dozens of astrological predictions to see what kind of person we met and interesting than he is in love.

For example, the behavior of a man in love with Libra?The stars say that this is the most gallant and romantic gentleman of all the zodiacal brethren.In courtship, he - the very charm and charm.Highly appreciating the beauty, he will try to turn every interview into a small masterpiece.Flowers, gifts, compliments - Libra lover is literally swimming in all this!

Compared with Libra is the behavior of a man in love, Virgo may seem bland and boring.He was always thoughtful, judicious, and does not lose a head from the bright eyes shine even in his youth.He will not bow and scrape, compliment or collapse a lady hearts of millions of roses.Even if a woman is a virgin really like it ten times think it worthwhile to establish a personal relationship with her, and what they are fraught with in the future.But if Virgin decided - more loyal, reliable and responsible friend, husband, lover among the zodiac signs are hard to find.

But whoever your partner love each other and be happy!