Holy or a demon?

interesting thing is that a purely visual perception of the image of the great poet of his fans did not match the description of his appearance in the memoirs of contemporaries.With portraits and book pages face looks beautiful young man with big eyes, instead of the entire world sorrow, with a nice smooth face, black hair well-groomed.And contemporaries say that Lermontov was extremely ugly, short, bow-legged and even lame, according to some reports - hunchbacked, with thinning hair, with too much head.What they write about its poisonous nature - is another story.About these and other interesting facts about Lermontov, read this article.


great Russian poet, biographer of the testimony was not entirely Russian, his Scottish roots, and his ancestors wore the name of Lerma.His grandmother Elizabeth Arsenyev, a maid of honor Her Majesty did not approve of the marriage of his daughter with Yuri Lermontov, considering it rough.Born Michael 3 (15) in October 1814 and spent 27 years incomplete.He grew painful, and grandmother literally nursed his grandson on his estate in Tarkhany, drove to the healing waters, where he received his first impressions of the Caucasus, has had a huge impact on his life and work.In 12 years, as the facts of the biography of Lermontov, he was brought back to Moscow for the purpose of admission to a boarding school for noble noble children.He studied there for two years, there showed their abilities in reading and versification.

family curse

Many biographers, describing facts about Lermontov, certainly mention that the family Lermontov pursued doom.His grandfather, MV Arsenyev, drank a deadly poison directly at the family table.To which his wife responded peculiar: "The dog - a dog's death."Could she know that at one time the same words repeat the emperor learned of the death of her beloved grandson ...

family doctor recalled that at the time of the birth of Mikhail midwife said, for some reason, "This child will not die a natural death."And a lot of ominous signs and omens hovered over the family.Lermontov's mother died at age 21, when he was a three year old child just went to the grave of the unhappy life and infidelities of her husband.My father took to drink and died at the age of 41 years.It is tragic and interesting facts about Lermontov, largely predetermined his fate, and explains a lot in his image.

From his entire life, from every line breathed deadly anguish and unwillingness to live.He foresaw a quick and tragic death, and often wrote about this verse: "I would like to relax and fall asleep ...", "I foreknew my lot, my end, and sadness to me early on print."Certainly, early orphanhood affected his character, and not because he has grown man bile and inconvenient for everyone?There are some interesting facts about Lermontov, the remaining letters, and become friends.Even close we mentioned his quarrelsome character of temper and that he was always looking for reasons for the duel, as if purposely going to meet his death.

Sad demon, spirit of exile

Caucasus, where he was exiled after a daring Lermontov's poem "Death of a Poet", was the source of his inspiration.He knew and loved manners Highlanders, who still regard him as their poet.So how Lermontov, this beautiful and rough country not sung one.Impressed by the events in the Caucasus and stories written by his main work - "A Hero of Our Time".Pechorin, bored and looking for adventure, not sparing anyone in their Cold passion - he himself, the poet Mikhail Lermontov.Even sincere love, he inadvertently brings misfortune to all who loved him.

No matter how far these two works, a "hero of our time" echoes and "Demon".Again, the reader sees the features of the "sad demon" - the author.He
fatalistic, and it is recognized by his contemporaries and later biographers.However, he did not expect when it will overtake the rock and walked towards him.Therefore predestination, spur them himself had become that fateful day July 15, 1841.What was it?Lermontov tossed fifty dollars for good luck: to return to the place of service or take a stroll in Pyatigorsk?I walk.They met an old friend Martynov, quarreled with him, and provoked to a duel.Years later, Martynov recognizes that Mikhail himself necks in a bullet that was the rock, and it Martynova, the fate chosen instrument of malice.

story of his duels - a separate interesting facts about Lermontov.Even in his last hour as recalled by witnesses, he was traveling on the fateful meeting of joy and enthusiasm.As if finally I found what he was looking for ...