Good Road history

I have a friend, and she has a sister.Galya.Familiar normal growth and sister - little.Well, very little.That is a dwarf.But they do not like to call them, and love being called a little.

her late twenties, and it works watchmaker.Very good master.Yes, and a good man.

And they have these little, they have their own subculture.Long-distance scale.They are not so much, and they communicate with each other there, rewritten, make friends and visit each other's homes.

And once Galya invited to the wedding, friends, the same small.Well, she bought gifts, packed up and went.

here that we performed it, of course, and put on the train.There she also met.The wedding is over, her back to the train planted.Well, here we really prepared to meet.The train arrives at night, Transit, is three minutes.And on the contrary, the way it happened to such trouble.

It is the day when the train sat, her companions in the compartment bag a top scored.Then they all went to bed.And at night she wakes up, half an hour before arrival, and in any coupe-to-go.All gone.

A suitcase up there, in the luggage compartment.

What to do?

Waking conductor.

dressed and ran.Explorer is not present.The car is asleep.

ran back.

looks - in the next compartment door ajar.

She looked - sleeping man on the bottom shelf.

She let it shake."Uncle! Uncle! Help for Christ's sake remove the suitcase from the top!"

The man opened his eyes, looking at her stunned and said, "Yes, I wanted the suitcase, you are with the knee-Arise! What we really, really beast ?!"

When the man saw that no one in front of him on his knees is not worth even more stunned.

short, as the train approached the platform (low platform) down a huge, meter by two, the man in shorts and with bewilderment on his face in one hand and a suitcase under his arm our Galya, gently lowered her to the ground, shook his finger at us, andhusky sleepy voice said:

- crazy, so let the little one?

and climbed back into the car.

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