What was the name of the jackal "Mowgli" and other characters works

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Without a doubt, "The Jungle Book", better known as the fairy tale "Mowgli" - is one of the most popular works of the British classic.On the motives of Rudyard Kipling's masterpiece filmed hundreds of cartoons and films, put it in the theaters, it was read to the holes.And even now, the public interest in this work is not quenched, but on the contrary, is growing every year.

Many people wonder, What was the name of the jackal "Mowgli", and the other characters of the work.The interesting thing is that there are no heroes of the second plan, all of which are major.Each character plays a role, writes his own page in the book of life of the jungle.So here is the answer for those who have forgotten, as they called the Jackal of "Mowgli" and other heroes of the product:

  • Mowgli - a boy who grew up in a forest in a wolf pack;
  • Akela, tobacco - wolves;
  • Raksha - wolf;
  • Bagheera - the Panther;
  • Ball - a bear;
  • Hathi - the elephant;
  • Kaa - boa;
  • Chil - Eagle;
  • Sher Khan - Tiger;
  • Sahi - porcupine.


So, how was the name of the jackal "Mowgli" and other heroes of the product, we found now is talk a little bit about the story."The Jungle Book" consists of a number of interesting stories to tell us about the lives of different animals.Some of the stories relate to a two-year boy who is lost in the woods and finds shelter in a wolf pack.Animals take him for her baby and raise its own laws.However, there are enemies of Mowgli - a lame tiger Sher Khan, who wanted to eat the boy in his childhood, and his henchmen.Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, Akela, on the contrary, are friendly to man.

Mind Mowgli, which is growing before our eyes, helps him and his friends to survive in difficult conditions.However, the meeting with people is unavoidable, and soon he was going to the village.From there, the guy brings fire to prove their superiority over chetyrehlapymi.Then the young man lives in people foster mother and father, which also helps to get rid of death.Then he returns to the jungle, and each of the Jackal "Mowgli" recognizes it the undisputed leader.Man wins Sherkhan, saves his flock from mortal danger, but it is increasingly attracted to people, the same beings like him.The young man finally returned to human society, it is a fitting way of life, to marry, but never forgets his home, that is the jungle, where he grew up.

Each student today, without hesitation, answer the question, What was the name of the jackal "Mowgli".This is a good tale, which tells about the possibilities of the human body, the adaptation to difficult conditions, the triumph of reason over brute force.Rudyard Kipling in his work emphasizes that good always triumphs over evil is strong in the beginning, that the wild animals also have feelings, they are good, "humanity", and the people themselves sometimes lack these qualities.

¬ęThe Jungle Book" - is an exciting product that does not let go until the last line.Adventure forest dwellers, their relationship can be compared to the life of human society, and the characters reflect the temperament of the people.One thing is clear to everyone: the tale of Mowgli really deserves you to read it in full as soon as possible, if you have not done.