Aphrodisiacs for men in products (list)

modern, pretty overloaded life stress and conflict often breaks or complicates an intimate relationship.The solution is so juicy and fluttering problems can be found in certain foods and oils, which are included in the list of aphrodisiacs.All these elements are separated on a purely female and male.Therefore, to use the same for all unreasonable.Today we look at the strong aphrodisiacs for men products.The list will provide useful food for you.

Men aphrodisiacs

Men natural aphrodisiacs stimulate gently and smoothly regulate the reproductive system.For the revival of sensibility and the acquisition of a new round of sex life should be included in the diet of foods rich in vitamins A, B1, E and C. In order to understand, in what products have aphrodisiac for men, it is necessary to revise the food table and select those that are qualitatively affect the male libido.

Oysters - the inimitable natural source of zinc, which promotes healthy production of testosterone and improves the general condition of the reproductive system of boys.Oily fish is - a wonderful provider of selenium in a man's body, which incites the sperm to move rapidly.Coriander seeds and solar sunflowers provide the body with vitamins B1, absence or shortage which adversely affects the erection.

Rosehip and citrus - representatives of natural vitamin C, which interferes with the synthesis of sex hormones and hence fertility.Fragrant particles, especially citrus - an ideal stimulus sexual desire.Dinner filled with such tantalizing aroma provide the euphoria of the approaching night.

Aphrodisiacs for men in daily foods are an ideal solution not only for the extinct attraction, but also to enhance the sensuality, which in turn leads to new horizons of intimacy.The main rule is to practice sexual menu variety and richness of food served.Attractive view of dishes - the first signal for the male libido, so the game is to him.

vegetables and spices

fragrant garlic contains an activator of certain parts of the brain.This product is the company's onion perfectly leads to normal male hormone balance.

Celery contains not only a huge amount of androsterone - the amplifier of potency, but also has an additional and effective property: leaving the body through sweat, celery affects women as sweet pheromone.Thus, the vegetable is "agent" double value.

Now let's talk about where there are aphrodisiacs for men products.They can be found in spices - cardamom tart, cinnamon, anise and a nice raise proper hormone production.A mystic verbena and bergamot reinforce the romantic, and most importantly - the passion of a romantic evening.Lavender, though it is considered a plant with a relaxing effect, still excites the male libido like nothing else.

If we describe the most powerful aphrodisiacs for men products, be sure to remember about such foods as honey and ginseng root.Honey astonishingly increases potency, and in company with pine nuts creates incredible miracles with male reproductive system.Ginseng is - bioactivator highest standard, its tincture qualitatively improve blood flow to the genitals of both men and women that affects the fantastic sex.

eggs and greens

increase the production of testosterone necessary to help the egg whites, and in the company of a young juicy parsley and dill are stepping up the most hidden reserves of male libido.Parsley conceals apigenin, which gently soothes the female hormones in the active male body.Dill is meticulously and sensitively expands blood vessels that curative effect on the reproductive system.

no less effective activator of sexual desire and a warming ginger, which helps to cope with cholesterol (pest sexual activity), and blood pressure.

delicately "agents" for the common hormonal condition will quail eggs.This exquisite aphrodisiac should look.Quail proteins accelerate the work of the blood system.

Other useful products

unbeaten aphrodisiac will clean truffles and morels.These varieties of mushrooms - great promoters of libido.Casanova himself regularly treated to glorious victory for morels in bed ladies.

Numerous seafood and a reputation for being a strong aphrodisiac for men.Therefore, the choice is yours.After aphrodisiacs can be enriched, not only consuming shellfish, but also a qualitative and selective eggs (red, black).Combine as spicy and refined activator of libido is a lush green and light wine.

Walnuts (well dried), nuts - natural Viagra for male body.Note that so careful activator of sexual desire in the world is no more.Due to the saturation of vitamins and essential minerals, nuts contribute to the production of testosterone.

Exotic fruits

exotic and incredibly fragrant figs also useful to activate the male libido.Passionate fruit is full of minerals in fresh or dried as seasoning.His partner will be the sweet dates.They increase the potency with regular, but metered use.

Finest avocado sensitively fills containers with oxygen and essential fatty acids that strengthens and restores the normal operation of vessels.Flavored sesame seeds - well hidden aphrodisiac for the stronger sex.

Aphrodisiacs for men products: recipes for potency

salad based on sesame seeds and arugula in tandem with pine nuts - a wonderful promoter not only of intimacy, but also a romantic conversation in front of her.

no less effective activators are male libido and ripe bananas.These positive and sugary fruits rich in bromelain, perfectly regulates the sexual sphere, as well as potassium and essential B vitamins

become sweet aphrodisiac and chocolate (especially black quality) and marzipan (almond paste natural).Popular strawberries, poured a generous layer of melted chocolate, open unexplored peaks of sexual desire.

perfectly combined with each other aphrodisiacs for men products in the most simple and accessible.Salad of youthful green onion, a few (chicken or quail) eggs in the company of a spoon of olive oil - a wonderful dish that contains three active aphrodisiac.

Italian olives and black tribeswoman Maslinka - the perfect complement to the aperitif or in salads.Not for nothing that the Italians are famous as a noble and passionate lovers boyfriend.The elements contained in olives, wonderful effect on blood flow and overall hormonal state.So delicate afrodizika in the world to find.

Useful drinks

In addition, there are aphrodisiacs for men in the products they are present, and in drinks.Mulled wine - perfect "agent" in the mission to increase sexual desire.Hot tart wine mixed with coriander, cinnamon and vanilla flavored - is a miracle drink for male reproductive system.

as an amplifier of sexual desire are: anisette, flavored liqueurs, exotic tequila, rum wild.The main rule of the game is to drink a clear dosage, excess alcohol can cause narcotic effects.

Conclusion Now that you know what a strong aphrodisiac for men lurk in foods.List of the food we provide to you.We hope that you can make for yourself a full menu for a romantic evening.