Statement Summary of the "Instructions" Vladimir Monomakh: the truth of the wise man of the past

lot of information about the life of Kievan Rus, we draw from the chronicles that composed the monks of the monastery.Also a lot of interesting things you can learn from the spiritual literature of those years.But over time, and secular works that were devoted to social life outside the church.The first such operation is considered to be "Instructions" Vladimir Monomakh.Summary of the work can be expressed in a few words.The prince described it, what should be the real ruler of the vast country, and appealed to their children, trying to protect them from the mistakes and temptations.

Not everyone can read in the original work.For those who want to learn more about the history of the Eastern Slavs and their outlook, there is a brief summary of the content of the "Instructions".Vladimir Monomakh find the perfect ancient Russian prince-Christian peacemaker.It was he who summoned all the rulers of principalities of Russia on Lyubechesky Congress, which called kiss the cross and promise to stop the fratric

idal war.Having made this historic ritual, not many have followed his oath.Discord continued, and most of Kiev lord comes after a request to join the march to Smolensk.As befits a noble prince, Vladimir refused, recalling that gave the promise on the cross.And then, sorry this treachery, he undertook to write his message to children.

Statement Summary of the "Instructions" Vladimir Monomakh

As written by the prince, his "Instruction" he was anticipating a quick death.In it, he was trying to uncover the truth of their offspring, which they have forgotten.First of all, Vladimir reminded them of the responsibilities of the Christian: to go to church, pray every minute of the Lord's grace.The grandson of Yaroslav the Wise of the rules the gold-domed Kiev in 1113-1125, respectively.He saw that his country is dying at the hands of the rulers themselves, who can not share power.Therefore Vladimir bequeathed them to live in peace and harmony.Defeating the devil, he wrote, are three virtues: tears, repentance and charity.He sincerely believed in what he wrote, and he always was such a prince.

«Instruction" Vladimir Monomakh - a brief description of selfless ruler who cares about his people.It is equally true charitably refers to the population, does not distinguish between people.Vladimir says that the prince should not rely on assistants, but always around the deal itself.Monomakh - the first humanist in the territory of Russia, as he was against the death penalty, bequeathed warmly welcome all foreigners.

passes are only a short summary of the content of the "Instructions" Vladimir Monomakh.But it can not express the living language, gentle voice of the prince.If all the people will follow the instructions of ancient sage, then the world will be a better, kinder, brighter.Therefore, everyone should learn this message from the past.But if you have no time to learn all of it, then at least read a short summary of the content of the "Instructions" Vladimir Monomakh.It still contains the essence, it is a grain of truth, which is trying to convey to us the great Prince of Kiev.