Beauty just over an hour

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We all sometimes faced with a situation when you have to look good, but just time to spare.If you omit the fact that all women at any time of the day or night look great, then just remember the situation where you had a hard day at work or a sleepless night.Killed appearance is not able to save even the morning coffee.And in such a situation has to be freelance wonders ingenuity to remove bags under the eyes, refresh the color of skin, remove the redness from the eyes, and put in order the hair.

At such moments, cosmetics can not help, because the light make-up will not be enough, and a thick layer looks catchy and even vulgar.But fortunately there are several years of proven traditional methods to give freshness and vigor as soon as possible.

fresh look

First of all, it is necessary to drink a glass of cold water with lemon juice.This will help you cheer up and lead a tired body in tone.After a short boost of energy, you can proceed directly to the cosmetic effect.The fastest way to fix the eye.It is a bunch of parsley pour cup of boiling water and allow infusion of just five to seven minutes.Thereafter, parsley should drain and grind and grind the leaves, adding a little to the resulting liquid.The mixture was put on the eyes and covered with a cotton pad, after ten minutes to wash off.

If the hand has a skin cream, is to smear it around the eyes.If you are tired eyes and broken capillaries are visible, then look for eye drops, relieving inflammation.Usually "Visine" there is every second woman in the beautician.If you belong to the other half, then do not despair, iced tea perfectly removes inflammation of eyes.It is best to put it in a container of tea, face and blink - a couple of seconds you will reach the removal of eye inflammation.

putting in order the hair

The following is to do hair.Ironically, the best option - just wash your hair.If you have a certain amount of time, then make a mask - is the perfect solution.Masks hair a great many, and advise something universal is just not possible.

While washing your hair will not be superfluous to make yourself a scalp massage, this will help speed up hair growth and reduce the risk of diseases of the scalp, such as dandruff.If you want to give your hair a spectacular shine - should be at the end of the hair rinse with cold water with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.But when any vinegar or lemon at hand is not quite fit just cold water.

few minutes for radiant skin

And here we come to the point that often invokes many questions.It is, of course, of giving fresh skin.This issue is best to use the scrub.There are two variants of the universal, this scrub from oatmeal with honey or cream which have finely ground coffee.This scrub will quickly lead to severe skin after the order of the day or night.

If you can not itself make such a mixture, you can use the usual store-bought solution.Further, to secure the results should make a face mask.For this there is a great national way.If there is no pre-acquired funds, you should take a banana peel and scrape to remove its contents.Mix the resulting substance with a dollop of sour cream or yogurt.Face mask is ready.

You can apply it to the skin and hold it for fifteen minutes.Rinse this mask to warm water, and at the end of the process is not superfluous to make for a few minutes on your face sliced ​​cucumber or zucchini slices.This will give the effect of lifting, and just enrich the skin with vitamins.

perfect body for half an hour

Finally, it is necessary to put in order the body.To do this, he needed relaxation, and to reach it easiest to take a bath.Surely you have a variety of salts and aromatic oils that give bath procedures exotic hue and simply uplifting.In addition, they refresh the skin, which is very handy in this case.Remember that the water when using oils and salt should not be too hot - the optimum temperature is considered to be thirty-six degrees.If you're a little tired after all of the previous procedure, it is necessary to complete the adoption of the bath with cold shower.This will invigorate you, as well as improve blood circulation.

all Following these simple tips, you can get in shape just for one - two hours.If you have some skill, it is possible to combine a face mask and eye care, and in this case, you can save even more time spent on beauty care.As you can see, nothing is impossible, even for a very short time, using simple improvised means, you can achieve excellent results and to make its appearance is truly fascinating.

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