"Gronholm Method": modern drama

unknown in Russia, but the beloved homeland and well-known and popular in the West, the playwright Jordi Galseran, gave us a wonderful play "Gronholm Method".This work of art has brought him popularity on it was even filmed a feature film.

Overall analysis

wrote the play "Gronholm Method" 10 years ago, but it is relevant now as ever.Office here - just a metaphor, the whole world is caught up in the brutality, and the most clearly manifested in the office staff.This work can be called a psychological detective story - tense, but at the same time with a touch of humor and sarcasm.Until the end it is impossible to understand where is the lie, and where sincerity, the heroes have to resort to the most unexpected maneuvers to eventually be the one and only winner.The idea of ​​the play "Method Gronholm" is, above all, the opening of all mankind the truth that all human in many of us are long dead, and we - a dummy, actors, every day to change their roles in order to gain as much benefit ineverything.It does not matter whether you come for an interview, or a visit to his parents future wife, the skill is to appear to those who want to see the people around you."Gronholm Method" wears a mask on the characters to reveal their true nature, they show themselves, who they are.

Brief description of the plot

story begins with the fact that the office of a large corporation come jobseekers.They are lured with money and power, but they do not know that their office in that no one is waiting, and interviews they will conduct themselves.The reader can draw a bright piece of interior decoration.This stuffed sharks - it seems to be alluding to the principle of operation of such companies, and in the modern world.All that awaits our heroes inside - an empty room, where a cruel game unfold.Gathered in one place, "players" are wondering why they have not met one of the leaders of what to do next.The answer they get on the computer screen in the form of jobs, and there will be few.All the characters are given the freedom of choice: you do not want - you can leave.But it is imaginary, there is no way back, and our heroes are not so stupid to lose, do not start the game.The main intrigue of the play "The Gronholm Method" is that one of the applicants actually decoy duck, that is, an employee of the company, and they have yet to find out who it is.One of humiliating tasks is to play a plane crash on the "players" put on masks and forced to decide whom to give a single parachute.But this is not the most horrible job of them seemed to want to squeeze all the human, that they left.As a result, the whole unfolding drama, the suffering endured by the characters stumble upon a wall of their own indifference.


winner can be only one, but the question is, who it is: a cynical villain or a good man.Modern society hidden under the mask of office drama, paraded, but not every viewer uglyadite in this chaos and of itself."Gronholm Method" - a book, standing reading and evaluation, it is a truly modern revelation.