Prove industrial accident

accident occurred and, as always unexpectedly.Under existing legislation, investigated an accident at work should as soon as possible.In case of failure there is the responsibility of the law, and it's pretty tough.It should be a good understanding of all phases of action.Aggravated by responsibility for unhurried investigation when a person received a serious injury.

specific accident, resulting in the workplace: an event during which the insured person is injured or he was dealt damage to health conditions of production.These include:

pursuant worker functions that provide an employment contract, or the execution of works permitted by labor legislation;

injuries suffered in the territory of the insured and outside it, or when following his return to the company in road transport insurer.

time and location on a business trip can not affect the fact that the accident investigation is delayed, as well as work on holidays and weekends, which are also considered to be workers.

Accident can not be considered a minor injury, does not affect the health of the worker.If he received a heavy injury, his after treatment are obliged to transfer to another job if he can not perform the same.

If the employer intentionally conceal what had occurred, the procedure for the investigation of accidents at work takes a different turn.The labor inspectorate submits an application by the victim or his family, and labor inspector even though the statute of limitations has expired, renew the investigation.Even if a worker has worked temporarily, part-time or permanently, in the course of the investigation are not affected.

employer must give the employee the company eliminates any unsafe working conditions.If the staff of the company more than 50 people, then there must be a health and safety department.This position provides training this kind of activity.That is, the employee must have a license entitling to engage in OSH.

If, however, there was an accident at work, the manager must conduct activities to assist the victim.If necessary, place it in the hospital.

avoid emergency situations should take timely measures to prevent them: to keep the situation under control, to avoid panic if endanger other employees excluded.In some cases, the work must be stopped until the reasons.

addition, you must inform superiors and other appropriate bodies.In the case of death of the employee to inform his family.

Within days after the accident occurred in the workplace, Manager shall transmit the information to the authority FSS.At untimely report or failing to report to the authority within the specified period, the company's management, represented by the director or chief fined or administrative proceedings.

Accidents can be easy and heavy.They qualify Annex to the Order of the RF Ministry of Public Health.

determining factor of injury is a violation of health, which can then take chronic, or worse, result in death of the victim.

If an accident at work is weak in nature, the timing of the investigation is extended to three days.For this to be a commission composed of three persons, approved by the company management.

At the end of the investigation should be drawn up an act, which describes the accident.Form of the instrument - free.