Experiments at home for young chemists

experiments at home, which we now talk, very simple, but very entertaining.If your child is still only acquainted with the nature of different phenomena and processes, such experiments will look for him real magic.But it is no secret that the best way for children to present complex information in an entertaining way it is - it will help to consolidate the material and leave vivid memories that will be useful in future studies.

explosion in calm water

discussing the possible experiments in the home, the first thing we will talk about how to make a mini-explosion.You will need a large container filled with ordinary tap water (for example, it may be a three-liter bottle).It is desirable that the liquid to stand in a quiet place for 1-3 days.This is followed carefully, without touching the vessel itself, drop into the middle of the water from a height of a few drops of ink.They'll be nice to spread in the water as if in slow motion.

balloon that inflates itself

This is an interesting experience that can be spent performing chemical experiments at home.The ball itself is required to pour a teaspoon of ordinary baking soda.Next you need to take an empty plastic bottle and fill it in 4 tablespoons of vinegar.The ball must be pull on her neck.As a result, vysypletsya soda in vinegar, reaction occurs with the release of carbon dioxide, and the ball inflates.


Using the same soda and vinegar can be done in your home a real volcano!As a basis you can even use a plastic cup.The "muzzle" sleep 2 table spoon of soda, it poured a quarter cup of heated water and add a little food coloring dark color.Then there will be only pour a quarter cup of vinegar and watch the "eruption".

«Color» Magic

experiments at home, you can show your child also includes unusual change their colors with various substances.A striking example of this is the reaction that occurs when the compound of iodine and starch.Mixing pure white and brown iodine starch, liquid ... you get the bright blue color!


What else can carry out experiments at home?Chemistry offers enormous scope for action in this regard.For example, you can make colorful fireworks right in the room (but better in the courtyard).A little potassium permanganate must be crushed to a fine powder, and then to take a similar amount of charcoal and also chop it.Thoroughly mix the coal and manganese, add to the iron powder.Pour the mixture into a metal cap (fit a conventional thimble) and keep it in the flame of the burner.Once the structure of glowing, it will begin to crumble around a beautiful rain of sparks.

Soda rocket

And finally, let us say again about chemical experiments at home, which involved the most simple and accessible reagents - vinegar and sodium bicarbonate.In this case, you will need to take a plastic cassette tapes, fill it with baking soda, and more - quickly pour 2 teaspoons vinegar.In the next step you close the lid of crude rockets, put on the ground upside down, move away and watch as it takes off.