Michael Name: origin, meaning and the secret history of the name

Why do people since ancient times attach such importance sounding words that children be named?The man believes: naming their child whatever the name, you can give your baby certain qualities and abilities.

Every nation has its heroes, and their names have become symbols of power and success.People began to use them in different countries, and not so important, what are the roots of these words.For example, the name of Michael, whose origin is still not precisely determined, can be heard both in Russia and in America, Europe or Israel.

it all began

The origins of the name Michael is still shrouded in mystery and full of inconsistencies and contradictions.According to some sources, the first mention of it is found in Jewish writings, but the ancient chronicles tell that Michael - is a native Russian name.

Linguists and historians have proved the popularity of the name Michael because he wore one of the heroes of the letters of St. - Archangel Michael."Arch Angel of e-ka" - a phrase where each word has its own meaning:

  • Arch - the main, the eldest of the angels.
  • angel - a messenger, the messenger, the vicar.
  • Mi ka e - considered to be one of the names of the Creator.

calling because of their children, our ancestors were hoping for a special purpose in human life, that he would have the strength and courage, and devotion.And for good reason, as the Archangel Michael is the most important of the seven angels, and have a special strength and power in the fight against evil.

But the translation of the word with drevneiudeyskogo language sounds like "alike, equal to God."Some sources interpret the word as follows: "vyproshenny, begged God."


If you choose a name for the baby Michael, in your home will increase a wonderful kid who becomes the center of attention.He is clever and smart, extends to all new and hurries to learn about the world.The child is charming in his love for everything beautiful and unusual - it's a small art connoisseur.As they get older, he tries to cover all aspects of life: the many clubs and sections carried away with his head.But this activity can quickly become bored, and then the boy goes in search of new and exciting.

It is difficult to call a natural leader, but thanks to the kindness and warm liking him happy drawn the other kids.Michael sometimes like a little old man that everyone knows and understands, he likes to tell himself heard and not averse to adding details.Sweet Dreamer easily adapts to kindergarten soon find like-minded people and gaining the attention of educators.Soft, responsive, sociable and kind - that is endowed with such qualities, Mikhail.The mystery of the man's name is its ability not only to become a messenger of God, but to do good to all those around him.


fineness, vulnerability, sensitivity - the main distinguishing characteristics named after Michael.The value of the origin of the word define a person's character from his youth: he appreciates the fine and doing its utmost to bring it to others.He is a scholar and esthete, is committed to excellence in everything.Books, paintings, beautiful expensive things attracted him and even fascinating.It is difficult to name the customer, he just wants to have it all to admire and enjoy the beautiful.Very often, these dreams lead him to wrong decisions.And if he falls into bad company, it is easy to manipulate.The influence of other people on youth is very high, so parents need to constantly monitor the child's life.These boys know how to set goals and reach them in certain situations without considering the consequences.


Surrounding it may seem that Misha is too kind and loyal, but he has the inner core.Discreet and thoughtful, he's ready to run and reach the heights in his career and in your favorite business.He has an analytical mind, which makes it easy to take on important business and successfully implement them.At heart, he is vulnerable and hardly makes criticism and censure.

name Michael, the origin of which determines the way of life of its owner, gives people how anxious attitude to other people and to nature.He loves animals, happy gardening.From communion with nature he gets deep satisfaction and rest the soul.

Misha rather painfully suffers loneliness prefers to devote every minute friends or family.Character name Michael often does this man soul of the company, he is sympathetic and ready to help anyone who needs it.He will be happy to take care of elderly parents, fulfilling all their whims and demands.

Dark Side

Provenance named Michael hides some secrets.Despite the fact that the Archangel was a valiant warrior of God, it was believed that Satan tempts such heroes.In real life, this legend is reflected in the inner world of Misha.He's smart and determined, but if it can not fulfill themselves in life, does not find support and due respect, you can easily let the winds.Alcohol, gambling and disorderly life dragging him away.He often can not find the inner strength to change the situation, he believes that no one understands and does not like.


analytical skills and assertiveness allow Michael to become a lawyer and an engineer, a teacher and a military leader.Despite the fact that he is a conservative at heart, for the good of the common cause Michael is ready to learn new things and bring it into operation.Unfamiliar environment does not scare these people, they are easy to adapt to it and do not get lost in the largest enterprise.Even in the post guard or porter Misha establishes the whole process so that its views were considered and respected him.

name Michael, whose origin is divine, gives man nemerkantilnyh and sublime spiritual organization.Therefore, your own business, he is not seen as a job but as a child who is willing to dedicate himself without reserve.But the quality of this man (kindness and gentleness) often fed him in the hard world of competition.He makes concessions, firmly believes in the integrity of people, money - is not a priority for the person who is the holder of the old named Michael.The value of the name, the nature of man let him out of difficult situations with dignity, did not let other people, and not taking advantage of their weakness.

hopeless romantics

name Michael, the origin of which is fanned secret, gives its owner the romantic kind.He is ready to dive into a relationship with the head, with respect for the lady of the heart and takes her whims.Flowers, candy and surprises - the required attributes courtship Misha.Such a person is trying to choose a beautiful girl who has influence in the society.It attracts not only foreign element, but also the inner world of the ladies, for her, he is willing to share secrets and innermost thoughts.

Jealous Cavalier simply can not stand competition and will never forgive betrayal, taking it as a personal insult and betrayal.It is unacceptable to humiliate Misha on humans, this behavior can cause a severe reaction on his part and even undisguised aggression.

Family - Fortress Michael

lifemate Misha choose very carefully.Sometimes he is ready to wait a long time and check the chosen one, and if it does not meet the ideal of suffering in splendid isolation.

His wife should be gentle and always good, rude girls, he just does not like and does not understand.True, responsive, excellent housekeeper and caring mother - the dream of Misha.Very often a man idealizes his darling and even worshiped it as a god.Unfortunately, over time, this attitude goes, but it does not mean that he loses interest and the desire to protect the lady of the heart.

Misha ready to help around the house, carrying out their duties with joy.Children - is a real treasure that Michael will cherish and appreciate.Chad understands his father and pulled him, hoping for the support and love.Even after breaking up with his wife a man is struggling to help her financially and participate in family life.


The origins of the name Michael is closely linked to the ancient Rus.According to some sources, naming kids going by analogy with the beloved and revered animals - a bear.Despite the fact that this huge goof often clumsy, he has the power and acumen.Mishka is hardly a diplomat, his credo - "either sink or swim."Though he is strong mentally weak spot may be called pride.It is this lack often play his enemies.By temperament a true choleric, but at the same time he knows how to control himself perfectly.Friends choose carefully in their circle will only worthy people who have influence, but causes kidney Misha suppress his friends and monitor their actions.

active, courageous, open and kind - so is Michael.If your surroundings are people with the same name, then try to look at it closer.Did you see their wonderful inner peace and gain this faithful friend.