Creative color: shocking hairstyle sculpture by Joan Petit-Frere

Natural jewelry that women are always with you, this hairstyle, eyes and smile.That's why the lady carefully monitor the state of the teeth, come up with creative options for eye makeup and accessories for the eyelashes, as well as pay a lot of time the hair, nourishing them with masks and balms, are designing intricate hairstyles.In this field of applied modern art and Joanna found herself Petit-Frere (Joanne Petit-Frere), a French artist of hairstyles and a bright, stylish lady.

In conversations with people Joanna often have to clarify that the artist is not the hairstyles hairdresser and stylist.Most of its activity resembles the work of an architect or fashion engineer who constructs of the head of hair is something extraordinary, outstanding and special.Conjured over the hair, Johanna Petit-Frere turns them into a work of art - not just hair, and a sculpture of the hair.

artist hairstyles childhood at war with their own hair, which have always been thick and unruly mane small frizzy ringlets - affected African roots.Not just to "tame the Shrew", but also look stylish and fashionable girl, she had to invent ever new ways of splicing of hair on his head because Joanna always adorned with original designs with ribbons, rubber bands, bobby pins.

So gradually loomed its own style, with bright and large ethnic decorations, massive complex hairstyles that made it stand, originality, uniqueness.Turning passion into a hobby, and then in the profession Johanna Petit-Frere has not abandoned its "chips" by making massive, high-rise and pretentious art-hairstyles his hallmark.

This is unlike other designers and fashion stylists, the artist of hairstyle - welcome creative studios and workshops, art labs, modeling agencies and advertising companies.Her services are in demand, and hairstyles sculpture - breathtakingly beautiful, and just wonderful ridiculous.Naturally, these facilities are not intended for everyday activities and everyday life, and so many are destined to only look at the massive, intricate structure of the hair on the heads of models.But you do not wear for work silk cocktail dress from Chanel, smiling Johanna Petit-Frere.

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