Registered letter as a reliable way to send mail

In the age of technological progress and universal computerization we rarely write letters to each other.Socializing with friends and family living in other cities or countries, is reduced to sending sms-messages, correspondence in social networks or email.Despite this, the work at the post office is not diminished.How long does it take to process and deliver only one registered letter!

What is this kind of postal items?It's pretty simple.If you need to send important documents to the addressee or securities can send him a registered letter.To do this, you need to come to the post office and say its desire to operator.Currently, registered letters, there are special envelope standard and large (for A4 documents) sizes.The cost depends on the origin of the weight of the paper, so their previously weighed.The maximum allowable weight of a registered letter - 100 g

further employee-mail Stick to the letter of the brand, according to its value, and will issue a receipt to the sender.This paper to save at least until such time as you are sure that the message was delivered to the addressee.If you have to prove that you sent the documents, the receipt is very useful.In addition, it is legally binding.

Earlier in the envelope of a registered letter stamped "Custom."Currently, the procedure replaces the barcode sticker.Each barcode - an individual number of the letter, in which you can always keep track of his whereabouts.

If you need to know exactly when the addressee received the documents, send a registered letter with acknowledgment.In this case, immediately after the letter will be delivered to the addressee, you send a message (on a special form) that the administration delivered.

usually deliver a registered letter sent to the house and hand by hand.However, if the recipient was not at home, something in his mailbox lowered notice that his name came a letter.Now he can get it at the post office.

Unfortunately, not all in a hurry to pick up a registered letter.After five days of postal workers have to subscribe to a secondary notification that has already been given to the recipient by hand against receipt.Since then, the most risk-track citizens owe to the post office a certain amount for each day of storage letters.

Why people do not rush to get a registered letter?It would seem that once the letter has come with such a mark, it means that there is something very important.But the fact that the registered items and make formal structures, such as pension funds, tax authorities, courts, etc.For many such documents - waste paper, which immediately went into the trash.So why do they take?

How much is a registered letter, depending on the region of delivery.The duration of shipment may be from 3 to 17 days.Within the same locality registered item will not go more than two days.It depends on the duration of delivery and the method of delivery, as to send such a letter can be either through the mail or by courier.