Making admission to the SRO and how to get permission to build a multi-storey building?

Multistory building has always enjoyed a special demand, the economy of land, the opportunity to give housing a large number of families makes the construction of high-rise buildings lucrative and profitable business.Also, every year, thanks to favorable conditions and government programs, demand for mortgages, as well as the prices for new affordable enough for the general population, the majority of new apartments sold out in the early stages of construction.

construction of a multistory building is divided into several stages, each of which must be carried out strictly according to the established norms.But in order to get started, you need to not only design admission to the SRO, but must get permission to build, decorate design documents and approve all the paper in the appropriate bodies.

As a construction company to receive permission to build a block of flats?

Building permit issued bodies of the State Architectural and Construction Supervision of the Russian Federation, through this document, the company is given the right to carry out construction work.To gain admission to the SRO and this permission is required to collect and place a large enough set of documents, etc., should be coordinated in the SES, Fire Department, the Committee of Environment and other supervisory bodies.This will require the following documents:

- Statement from the customer, drawn up on a special form.

- Documents confirming the ownership of the land on which construction is expected this.

- Urban Development Plan of the land.

- Project documentation, which should present the following documents: 1. Letter;2. Scheme of the construction site, where it is planned to build multi-storey building, its parameters;3. The plan of building on which the above scheme of a house;4. The list of equipment used during the construction process.

- Documents confirming the resolution of the state expertise.Also, another important document will be a waiver from the limiting parameters in the construction process.

- order the appointment of a responsible person, customer approvals, design and construction contractors.

As a result, completing the design of admission to the SRO in your hand should be the following documents: a copy of the statement and cadastral passport, house design, building passport, legal documents, the statement in the department of architecture, construction and agreement on the resolution.

In the process of registration, of course, may be required and other documents, which you will be informed in advance.

So long way permit is completed, you can now proceed to the construction of a multistory building.After completion, the company will be given admission to the commissioning of the house, and then the happy owners of new apartments will be populated.