How to make children's costumes by hand.

Perhaps in the world there is no better tradition than a masquerade ball.Among adults, it is a joyful event is very popular.Well what can I say about the children!For them it is, in addition to entertainment, and even a kind of competition.After all, every child, however, as an adult, you want to appear at the festival in the best outfit, with beautiful crown or just to surprise everyone with something unusual.However, to come up with a carnival costume for children is much easier than an adult to pick up clothes.

Festival just around the corner, and you panic?In fact Carnival Christmas costumes - not such a big problem.The dress can be rented, bought (today many companies and online stores specialize in this area), or on their own approach to this issue.Of course, the outfit bought more detailed qualitative and, in addition, it engaged in tailoring professionals.But only a loving mother succeed in creating a vivid, unusual and fabulous costume materials available at home.

What dress daughter: in the animal world

Create children's carnival costumes for girls can be in two ways.The first involves the decoration of store-bought clothes.In such a case may require beads, feathers, sequins, buttons, colored paper, ribbons, Christmas tinsel, in a word, everything that is possible to change clothes.The second method involves sewing the dress from scratch.Do not just give up this idea, because it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.This option is suitable for the category of mothers who have small sewing skills, and, of course, who has a home sewing machine.If you decide to sew a costume yourself, do not choose a complex fabric, since the creation of the dress will take much longer (requires additional processing on the edge).Ideal - fleece, children's knitwear, supplex, felt and tulle.You do not have a pattern?This is not a problem, they can be found in fashion magazines.

Let's look at some interesting, but at the same time easy options.Take, for example, Carnival costumes for children "Bright Butterfly."To create required wire from which you want the frame to twist the wings, and then covered with fabric (tulle can be replaced).Butterfly wings are ready, but somehow they look at us grimly.Let's decorate them with beads, sequins or glitter.Think of what is still lacking to our insects?Of course, the horns.They can be made from the same wire as the frame for usual fixing rim.It remains to choose a beautiful dress.On this, perhaps, is all.Your child is ready for a matinee.

rather unusual your child will look in a suit goldfish.Pick suitable for holiday skirt and blouse and obkleyte their "scales" gold film.To create a tail suit organza or tulle golden.Do not forget that the real goldfish to be a crown.

Carnival costumes for children for girls: In a fairy tale

Every girl wants to feel as a princess or a fairy!So why not deliver the baby so much pleasure?All the more reason to and appropriate.Prepare a nice elegant dress, elegant crown (if you are creating an image of Princess) or a wand (for the magician).Many children are very loved by the fairy Tinkerbell, and she has a very beautiful transparent wings.Maybe we should give little daughter and a couple of these?

If you want something more original can be converted into a gypsy girl.You will need a bright skirt with frills and as many brilliant bracelets.

Dress the little son: popular options

not necessary that children's carnival costume for a boy matched symbol of the coming year.You can create an image of a pirate child, forest animal, hero, sailor.The options are many, and each in its own good.Every mama knows best tastes and wishes of the children.

To create a costume Russian athlete will need a broad shirt, bright trousers, helmet, boots and sword.Clothes and shoes you will certainly there, but the rest will have to make their own.Helmet and sword you can make out of cardboard, pasted them shiny gold and silver foil.If

son agree to stay in the role of Puss in Boots, boots will be required with large buckles and felt hat with a wide brim.Its feathers to decorate, add a ribbon and a beautiful buckle.

Whimsical Children's costumes for boys

if the kid would love to look funny, fit the image of the Goblin or terrible Koshchey Immortal!With the first option is very simple: the child vzeroshte hair and dress him in "rags" of green and brown.To achieve a more truthful image, add sprigs of artificial leaves, some fungi can even birds.Such a suit and enjoy the bully, and Tikhon.

With Koshcheev Immortal work much more.You will need jeans and black turtleneck, plain white paper, black gloves, a crown, a sword and a heavy gold chain.From paper-cut bone and decorate their clothes.Do you remember how terrible our childhood seemed Koschey?Now look at his little son, it seems, something is missing.Of course, we have forgotten to paint his face!

brave and courageous boy

very simple to do hunter costume Carnival (can be Robin Hood).Carnival outfit will look unusual and noble, this image is suitable for everybody boys.

costume consists of several parts.First, you will need a hat, floors that need to paste over the fur or feathers to decorate.Second, prepare the necessary clothes: a shirt, a vest (it can be sewn from fabric sheepskin) and trousers.Thirdly, we need boots, preferably leatherette them sewn Gym shoes.And most importantly - a hunting bag with the trophy.

accessories carnival

Excellent complement the children's carnival costume mask volume, which can be done by hand.Measure the baby's face, prepare the clay.The board set for modeling the corresponding measurements, think of what you would like to see the future of the mask and start to create a fabulous person.

When the result will please both you and your child, go to the next step.Take the old paper and tear it into small pieces, a face from clay obmazhte oil, and on top of several layers to stick scraps of paper.Let the mask dries out a bit.Subsequent layers are glued to the PVA glue.When the mask is thick enough, it is necessary to stick a clean white paper and leave to dry.After about a week, remove a face with clay foundations and paint with bright colors.