Without reference to the pool or foot

of us in my childhood parents did not drive into the pool?Among the millions of modern people of this category, perhaps not there.We all swam in them.Someone in your leisure time in a week, while others engaged in professional swimming, visiting this place twice a day throughout the week.However, from all the little or adults Zdorovenki or not, the administration of any pool require overriding document - a certificate from a physician with access to classes in the water.

Talk about our medicine and primary care physicians, which will depend on the water Leisure anyone, you do not have to.Someone lucky and good-hearted help Maria Ivanovna prescribe minutely.Someone was sent to a medical examination to all specialists who, especially dermatologists can find anything and medicine man in the swimming pool fails.Therefore, having aimed to obtain this document, it is better to buy a certificate pool.

Purchase pleasure is not so expensive.Goodbye to the nth sum of money, the person will keep its nervous system, which may be undermined as a result of passing all the necessary tests, long queues outside of sitting in classrooms specialists.

in the pool, you can not help but slip in the first parish, referring to the forgetfulness.The second time, it will certainly require meticulous nurse or woman doctor, to hem a personal card person, bought the ticket.But it does this document at all?

If you look back 25-30 years ago, recalling the days of the former Soviet Union, when the pools without certificates, slippers, swimming caps, bathing suits and swimming trunks are not allowed, it immediately becomes clear that the stereotypes of a bygone era with great difficulty becoming obsolete from the minds of employees.

However, the medical document and certifies then testified today that a person no infectious skin diseases like ringworm, scabies, fungus, lice.With smooth sailing does not raise blood pressure, heart withstand more physical activity.No employee of the health institution does not want to take responsibility for the state of emergency core, with hypertensive patients with ulcer.Accidents in the pools do not need anyone.

requirement for the administration to be understood correctly: people care about themselves, about others and about wanting to swim.A visit to a doctor in order to obtain certificates troublesome but necessary.Medical examinations often reveal bad diseases in humans, where swimming and diving can affect the entire body.So why take the risk?I went to the doctor and did everything as it should be.

all good will.