Rule boomerang: the London version

I have a very simple story and I remember it when I become a lot of fun.

About seven years ago I was on a student visa was able to come to England in the 3-month English language course.

I think, you know, a young Russian boy from a poor family, he decided to stay here.

tried to look for a job, but I have a visa was not allowed to work, so that 2 months of searching could not find anything.

I am not much worried, he lived in a student dormitory, received a scholarship high 500 pounds.In general, I am having fun.

But the easy life came to an end.From the hostel politely asked, scholarship ended.In short, I come big and hopeless ....But I did not despair and continued to look for a job.The internet cafe gave me the phone and said Yasha, he had a great connection, it will help.

I called, he said "Russian" man with a heavy accent, said he would definitely help, but warned that may need the money.I did not care, the money came to an end, and home to home, not like at all.Moreover, there is no one waiting for me.

I met Yasha.Erupny, dark-haired guy with honest eyes.We agreed that want to work at a car wash for 5 pounds per hour, as long as my poor English.I was in seventh heaven.

Yasha, said that he does not need anything, but people who want to apply, you just did - 500 pounds, and he asked him to make me a discount, and asked for 1500. The money I gave without hesitation, Yasha gave me the address, andalso helped to buy a bus ticket, as the car wash is 4 hours from London.Cut Details: come, no car washing, Yasha does not respond, the money is gone and there is nobody to ask.

Thank God, after everything was adjusted, 3 years working in the specialty, I live in a nice apartment, I go to the gym.

The story could have ended if not for an interesting event, which has pleased me the fate of a month ago.

office after I came into the room, dressed, I warmed up, entered the ring with us on Wednesdays sparring.Well, enters the ring casual sparring partner ... Yes, yes, Yasha.I IMR boxing.

In general, the money returned, and Yasha slightly unwell.

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