Recruiters of the main qualities of Generation Y

many HR-managers and even Generation Y accused of irresponsibility and laziness, however, acknowledge that young inherent positive qualities such as dedication, initiative and the pursuit of new knowledge.These are the results of a survey conducted by the Research Centre recruitment portal among HR managers.

In Russia, called Generation Y who was born and raised in the new economic and political conditions of the late 1980s - early 1990s.Today, these young men and women begin a career, and, as noted by social psychologists, their attitude significantly different compared with the attitude of their parents and even older siblings.

What kind of quality of work is distinguished by employees up to 25 years?According to 17% HR-managers, the main quality of generation Y - this ambition and careerism, while, judging by the comments, ambitions are not always justified by the skills of the applicant."The experience and knowledge is not enough, but eager for the bosses";"The desire of rapid career growth" - believe HR managers.

In second place is the quality of young people as active and energetic - he noted 15% eycharov."Well done, it's always something new coming up";"The active life position," - praised the young people recruiters.

Every tenth personnel manager (10%) said that the representatives of Generation Y differs irresponsibility."The reluctance or fear to take responsibility, failure in negotiations with clients to defend their point of view", - complain respondents.

Commitment representatives of Generation Y have noticed 10% HR-managers, the desire to learn and develop - 8%, laziness and passivity - 7%.At 6% eycharov believe that young people up to 25 years in distinguished initiative, easy learning and at the same time, self-confidence, high self-esteem and selfishness.Creativity, mobility and new mindset of Generation Y noted 5% HR managers, flexibility, adaptability and frivolity, inconstancy - 4%.

Other qualities Generation Y, sometimes opposing, named 40% of HR managers: "There is no fear to make a mistake";"Mercantile";"Rationalism, indifference to the company";"A healthy lifestyle and a sense of pride in Russia";"The low level of university training."Difficult to say what qualities distinguish the generation Y, 9% of respondents: "Employees under the age of 25 years in our company there."

In addition, nearly half of HR-managers (49%) believes that young people under 25 years of subordination and worse observes corporate ethics than the older generation.According to their observations, Generation Y tends to the informal style of communication do not always comply with the dress code, and often late at the office."Poor value their place in the hierarchy of the company," - commented interviewed.

23% of HR managers believe that young people follow the rules of subordination and corporate ethics on a par with the senior.The fact that the young make it even better with the experience of employees, 8% of respondents believe HR us.

Every fifth human resources manager (20%) found it difficult to estimate the ratio of Generation Y to the chain of command and corporate ethics: "Different people are brought up in different families, so rowing one size fits all think it is wrong."

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