Joseph Stalin: A Biography, family, quotes.

still tense debate about the life of Joseph Stalin.This is someone who by as much as two generations to get ahead of everyone else in their understanding not only of the state apparatus, but also a global sociology.Nationality of Stalin and now causes a lot of views, in the end pushed the mass of versions, some of which will now be considered.

secret origin

Exploring a large number of files, you can stumble upon different references and facts that can be said in favor of this or that theory.So, the Armenian version is that Stalin's nationality is directly related to his mother, who because of their poverty was forced to work as a laundress at the ordinary rich merchant.After she became pregnant, it quickly married to Vissarion Dzhugashvili.But this version still does not provide enough evidence to know what nationality was Stalin.

Georgian theory says that its roots go back to the one prince named Egnatoshvili.By the way, at a time when Stalin became in power, he maintained contact with his brothers.

Russian version

According to Russian theory (if it can be considered as such), Stalin's father was a nobleman from Smolensk, and his name was Nikolai Przewalski.He traveled a lot and was quite well-known scientist.In 1878, he became very ill, because of what was treated at Gori in the Caucasus.Here Przewalski acquainted with a distant relative of the prince, her name is Catherine, who went bankrupt and had to marry an ordinary shoemaker Vissarion Dzhugashvili.He, in turn, was quite a respected man, but his family was grief that slightly marred the whole existence of the couple.The fact that they lost three very young children.Against this background, Vissarion has become very much to drink and often raised his hand to his wife.But despite all the hardships of his life, Catherine still managed to charm the scientist, who is so imbued by her beauty, he continued to send her money.

It is worth noting that this version that would have shed light on the nationality of Stalin, is actually quite vulnerable.I would also like to add that it is not so much Russian as it may seem at first glance, since the Przewalski has roots from Belarus.

seemed Stalin knew that all of society is convinced of its illicit origin.Then drunkenness father explains a lot.Most likely, he knew, but could not accept it.For example, in one of the drunken fights he was killed, but the 11-year-old Soso has not experienced any feelings about it.


course, Stalin Stalin was and remains a cult figure.Despite the fact that his life is constantly being different disputes in the biography there are more questions than answers.His personality continues to generate a lot of myths, which are trying to understand the biographers and researchers.You can start even with the dictator's birthplace.According to some reports, the first entry shows the city of Gori, although it is possible that Stalin could be born and not far from Batumi.Next - this famous blood relationship with his father and similarity to the traveler Przheval'skiy.

large number of causes of disputes and the date of birth.Historians were able to find the ledger Gori Dormition cathedral church in which a record of birth was different from that date, which is considered to be official.In the old style that was December 6, 1878, exactly the same number exists in the certificate of termination of the theological school.

Initially, all the official documents contain true date of birth of Stalin, but in 1921, according to his personal order, in all documents, these numbers were changed and became not indicate in 1878 and 1879.As political analysts say, it was a necessary measure in order to cover not only its aristocratic origins, but also illegitimacy.

Every year more and more difficult to explain why in the biography of the two specified date of birth, nationality, and Stalin was still a large number of different nuances of his life.Despite the fact that it will surround himself with some aura of suspense, it was very small circle of people close to him, who knew a lot about him.Perhaps that is why they did not die a natural death and sufficiently mysterious circumstances.

Stalin's life is replete with a variety of pseudonyms, which in total there are about 30.


period of tenure as the head of state was marked by the time a huge number of executions, collectivization, and one of the most terrible wars that claimed a lot of livesworldwide.Naturally, the Soviet Union for all must have seemed to the country in which developed progress, harmony and loyalty to their leader.

Portraits of Stalin were hung everywhere, and it was the era of the maximum time of rapid economic development.Through propaganda praising everything undertakings "father of the peoples", it was particularly important with respect to the great infrastructure construction projects that were built very quickly, transforming an agrarian country that was on its peak of backwardness in industrial state.This is the main aim, but to achieve it, it was necessary to expand and the volume of production of agricultural products to meet the needs of the working class.Thus, the collectivization was the perfect solution for this.Private farmers have literally taken their land and forced them to work on large agricultural enterprises of the state type.

whole truth about the period of the reign of the leader is still impossible to find.This is due to the fact that in fact neither the modern world, nor even more so during his life publicly spoke about it.The entire period of Stalin (until he was at the head of State) is due not only repression and harsh dictatorship.It's safe to mention a large number of positive nuances, which largely influenced the formation of the Russian people today:

  • work conscientiously in order to benefit the community in the first place.
  • victory of 1945.
  • Dignity engineer and officer.
  • independence.
  • Innocence female high school student.
  • Morality.
  • Mother-heroine.
  • Chastity media.
  • prohibition of abortion.
  • Open church.
  • bans: Russophobia, pornography, corruption, prostitution, drug abuse and homosexuality.
  • Patriotism.

Stalin's name associated with his desire not only to unite, but later and to strengthen the country in a very short time, and thanks to his energy and will to win, no one the impression that he was not able to translate their plans into reality.


Stalin Stalin carefully concealed all information about themselves, not the exception was his private life.He very carefully destroyed all sorts of documents that somehow talked about his family and love affairs.Thus, the present generation can imagine is not the complete picture, which consists of a small number of proven facts and the evidence of several witnesses, whose stories abound with errors and inaccuracies.

Stalin's first wife, when he was only 26 years old, became Ekaterina (Kato) Svanidze.While he still had no party of his weighty nicknames, no special "political weight" in the society, but despite this, he was already famous reputation inveterate revolutionary who aspired to the idea of ​​universal equality.But it would like to add that even those bloody methods and means by which the objectives are achieved, the Bolsheviks lent a veil of romanticism.And there was a famous pseudonym Koba.It was the type of literary hero Robin Hood who robbed the rich and gave to the poor everything.

Kato was only 16 years old when they got married and lived in a shabby room, not having virtually no livelihood.Her father was as revolutionary as Soso himself, so he was glad their marriage, as among the Caucasian fighters for freedom Koba already had sufficient authority.Despite the fact that through his hands almost every day there were huge amounts of money, a penny of them went for the improvement of family life and hearth.

Because of its intense revolutionary life, he almost did not come home, so most of the time his wife spent in solitude.In 1907, the light appears their common son, who is given the name Jacob.Thus, the poor woman's life becomes harder at times, and she falls ill with typhus.Since no extra money they did not have (because of the fact that all was spent on the needs of the party), she dies.As they say eyewitnesses, Soso very experienced the death of the woman he loved and became even with renewed fury to fight their enemies.Jacob, meanwhile, began to live with parents Kato, where he was under 14 years of age.

Very young Nadya Alliluyeva became the second lover Soso.They genuinely love each other, despite the fact that the manifestation of affection in those years, especially for such a fierce fighter for the revolution, it was considered a weakness.Thus, already in 1921, he was born the second son of Stalin, who was named Basil.At the same time it takes, and Jacob.Thus, Koba finally becomes a full-fledged family.But once again repeated the old story, when he absolutely has no time for any ordinary human joys on the road to revolution.In 1925, in the family there is little Svetlana.

About relations between spouses very little is known, a large number of mysteries remain, and until now, not only about their life together, but also of death.

It is worth noting that the life of a man who has such a difficult character, like Stalin, was inexplicably difficult.It is known that he could be silent for three days, while in the deepest thought.I hope it was difficult not only because of the fact that her husband was a tyrant - she had no way to communicate.She had no friends, and the men were afraid to start with it, even friendships, because they feared the wrath of her husband, who would have thought that his woman uhlestyvat, and "Shoot."Hope was in need of ordinary, human, domestic, warm relationship.

suspicious death of his wife

November 8, 1932 under mysterious circumstances killed Alilueva Hope, wife of Stalin, whose nationality can not adopt one, since her mother was a true German woman and her father - half of Roma.The official version said that there had been a suicide, she allegedly committed yourself fatal shot to the head.As for the media reports about the death of hope, Stalin allowed only say that she suddenly left this world, but what was the cause of death - has not been specified.

Another point that deserves attention - is trying to Koba attribute it to the fact that his wife died because of appendicitis, but had come to the place of two (and according to some sources - three) expert had to give an opinion about the death, butrefused to put his signature to such a document.Her death still causes a lot of controversy, and so at this point there are several versions of the incident.

Several versions of the death of Stalin's wife

At the time of the death of Hope was only 31 years, and on this occasion goes a lot of rumors.With regard to some conspiracy version of events, it is worth noting that such a figure like Trotsky.He at one time was objectionable to the government and to Stalin personally, so after a certain Bukharin tried to exert emotional pressure on the wife of the leader.They tried to convince her that her husband is too aggressive, organizing a deliberate famine in Ukraine, collectivization and mass executions.Trotsky thought that due to the political scandal that was to arrange Hope can overthrow Stalin, without resorting to violence.So his wife could get crazy and just shoot from the information received that could not accept.

According to another version, at the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the October Revolution, during a banquet at the Kremlin, Stalin said something offensive to his wife, and then she demonstratively left the table and went to his apartment, and then the maid heard the shot.

has the right to life and the version that confirms the head of security Joseph Stalin.According to his story, after the banquet, Stalin did not go home, and went to one of their houses and took with him his wife, General.Hope, in turn, was very worried and called on the phone home security.The officer confirmed that her husband is really there, and not one, but with a woman.Thus, the wife found out about it, could not survive treason and committed suicide.Stalin never visited the grave of Hope.Mother


Joseph Stalin, nationality and origin is shrouded in mystery, and everything that is related to his personal life, raises many questions.There were strange and the relationship between Stalin and the birth mother.This says a lot of the facts, and even that he introduced her to the grandchildren only when the senior turned 15. Catherine G. had little or no education, she did not know how to write, spoke only Georgian.Stalin's mother, whose nationality is not a matter of controversy, was quite sociable woman and have never been afraid to express his personal opinion on any subject, sometimes even on political themes.She did not hampered by a lack of education.Some conclusions can be drawn from their correspondences that are difficult to name letters, and likely longer notes.It is worth noting that, despite the dryness of such communication can not be said that his son did not care for his mother.She was under constant and close supervision of the best doctors, but, despite that, because of age, her health did not improve.Thus, in May 1937, she fell ill with pneumonia, because of which died on July 4.Relations were so bad that he could not even attend her funeral, but limited to a wreath with the inscription.

Death "father of the peoples»

It was 1953.Stalin's death has long been wanted by many.March 1, he spent the whole day in his office, he was not engaged in essential public viewing mail or even dinner.Without his permission, no one was allowed to go to him, but now at 11 pm one of the attendants at your own risk went there, and before his eyes appeared a terrible picture.After a few rooms, he found Stalin lying on the floor and could not utter a word.For several days the doctors fought for his life.

Thus, the year of Stalin's death was designated conflicting views in society.Some were glad that the days of the dictator and tyrant came to its logical end.Some, on the contrary, considered the leader's inner circle traitors who, in one way or another, were involved in his death.

can not be sure at 100%, which to his death from the top of the conspirators involved in the Politburo.Judging by some of the memories of Comrade Khrushchev and a number of close persons, the leader of this year has not been able to run the state, he looked through insanity and paranoia, which meant the inexorable approach of death.Despite the fact that he's gone, we got to the famous quote of Stalin, the type of "Shoot!" Or "No matter how the vote - it is important how to calculate."They will be relevant for a long time, because during the life of the "father of nations" ever entered in all textbooks, and remained in the memory of many people.

Stalin: Russian people of Georgian nationality

In order to understand his personality, it is necessary to make its findings solely on the basis of the few facts that are known from the direct speech of the leader.One thing is certain: Joseph Stalin, whose nationality can cause a lot of controversy - the identity quite ambiguous.But be that as it may, his score will always have some elements of subjectivity that is based on personal understanding of each World and Soviet history.

In today's world of Stalin's nationality may cause some controversy, it's all due to a certain aura of mystery of his birth and origin, but as the leader himself liked to say: "I'm not European, and Asian-Russified Georgians."