Terms of business General Director of Burberry Angela Ahrendts

American, head of the British fashion house, for their children, and marketing of a new generation of consumers.

Founded in 1856, the British firm Burberry became famous during the First World War, when the beginning of the stitching on the trench army orders.Later trench transformed into civilian clothes, but until the 1990s consumers Burberry associated mainly with baggy cloaks.At the end of XX century the company's management committed itself to creating a global fashion brand.In the summer of 2002, the company went public.

American Angela Ahrendts at the helm of Burberry began seven years ago.Under her leadership, sales have risen more than doubled, reaching $ 3 billion, the company's capitalization increased by 300%, drastically changed range of products, began the conquest of new markets - China, Dubai, India, USA.It Ahrendts first became actively promote expensive designer clothes in social networks.Today, the brand's 12 million fans on Facebook and 1 million followers on Twitter.52-year-old Ahrendts takes 45th place in the world ranking of the most influential women according to Forbes.She is married and has three children.

First, we ask what this is, for us, is not present at the competition?Firstly, we are British.Secondly, we are "out" of the cape.Third, all the great brands are guided by the generation of baby boomers.We decided to make its target audience the millennium generation, with a focus on the new economy.

With [limited] resources, we realized that, working on the Internet, it can be 10 times more.

With more young consumers we spoke their language - the language of electronic communications.The fact that I myself have three teenage children, help me make it better.

Electronic communications have become a catalyst for the transformation of the company.

We hired a team of young marketers - the same age as our target consumers.Therefore, we are now in the marketing are ahead of most of the luxury brands.The reality is that today, the marketing service can not work without a strong partner in the field of technology.Now we are trying to combine the operational management of marketing, IT and electronic communications.

We call ourselves by electronic communications.On our site comes more visitors than in all the stores of the brand together.

In partnership with technology companies, we began to implement the concept of "retail theater" - to broadcast audio and video screens in every store brand, give sellers access to our worldwide collection through iPads.Customers can join us to experience the key moments in the development of the brand, and they can buy things from the world collection delivered within 6-8 weeks.

entire team was keen.I told my colleagues that I do not want us to have lost the magic spirit of enterprise.

We told them [staff]: we do not write a new book, we are writing a new chapter in the great history of the brand.This brand outlive us all, and our job - to make it relevant, to keep it healthy, to have something to convey to the next generation.

I always say first: "What do you feel?" - And then later: "Surprise me with facts."

It's funny.Christopher [Bailey, creative director of Burberry] from Yorkshire, and I'm from a small town in the Midwest, Indiana.We met at Donna Karan in the luxury of ... We kinda landing in a luxury company.We felt that a person caught in the upscale, feels uncomfortable.Well, you know, they say, people look, think, you do not deserve to be here.So we feel it ourselves.

When I came to Burberry, our Director of Information Technology was sitting, so to speak, at the end of the bus, it was just a service support team.I told him, you have to change seats forward, because our competitiveness depends on how we use information technology.

Burberry Earlier in only 10% of employees were connected to the bonus program or owned shares of the company.But if you want to be democratic, it is necessary to bring it up to everyone.It rallies.

We simply overturn the traditional hierarchy, and then we [executives] have built communication with each other throughout the company showed that the creative leadership - is here to stay.

[To launch the site] we needed a sound.We asked ourselves: what sound our brand?... And now we have a music director who is looking for us young nezamylennye British group.... This is our exclusive content.What we do - it's essentially a virtual social network.

revenue and profit - this is for me the last stage of the game.

We made Burberry Bespoke is not to make money, and we did Burberry Acoustic not to make money, and we did Art of the Trench - platform social media - not to make money.All this we do to attract buyers to the brand.

When a cell Burberry would suggest that someone do a good deed, we understand that their job is well done.(On the charitable program)

whole business life I do not need no husband.I forget as CEO in five years, but her husband and children never let me forget.

Alexander Ilyin-Tomic

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