Proverbs about the mother: the wisdom of different generations

Years pass, replaced people and priorities.But the same is a special relationship of each individual member of the human community to mothers - women who have each of us a priceless gift - gave a start in life.

appreciate the sincerity and depth of feeling allow sayings of his mother, who came to us from past centuries and contemporary quotes and sayings.

comparison of the concepts of "mother" and "native land»

Proverbs about love to the mother often are comparative in nature.Drawing a parallel between the two categories - living at home and a mother's love ("Native Land - a mother, someone else's side - the evil stepmother").Being in a foreign country it is compared to the feelings experienced by a foster mother.

From saying "Mother feeds the children, as the people of our land," it is clear that women created a new life and raising a child, give him as much as the agricultural land to the people living in the country and engaged in agriculture.

expression "Rodina - mother of all mothers" indicate that the home country has the same great importance for each person, like my mother.

saying about mothering

In Russian culture there is a very touching proverbs mother.For example, the phrase "Blind puppy and he crawls to his mother," once again confirms the importance of maternal affection and care in the life of every child.On the boundless love and compassion for the proverbial "heart of the mother of the sun warms the better."

At an early age the child is very dependent on his mother's attention and approval ("Bird enjoys the spring, and the baby - his mother").The special relationship between a woman and her baby is stored for a long time, reflected in the Russian folklore.

Mom never remain indifferent to the pain and troubles of their children.Proof of this is the saying "A child finger ache, and his mother - the heart."

The significance of maternal education

A mother is not only the first but also the most authoritative teacher for their children.It helps them to overcome the difficulties of life, teaches us to build relationships with peers and adults.Proverbs of a mother allow understand many aspects.For example, which is only an expression: "What mother in the head vobet, and that the father can not be beat" ?!

Maternal education allows children to achieve the desired results, helps to overcome everyday doubts and inner fears, developing in them traits such as courtesy and responsibility for their actions, it brings a good attitude towards others ("good mother and good teaching").The Russian proverb can find many educational aspects, including the desire of Russian women to teach their children to work.

Mom - the world's best friend!

Proverbs of a mother that appeared in the Russian language influenced by many different cultures and people often say that the most reliable friend in the life of any human being will always be first and foremost his mother ("There is no boyfriend, as a native mother").

Without parent involvement baby to be born, can not take place in his life.And even later, when the children get older, life without the support of the mother is completely devoid of bright colors.No wonder people say: "From mother to live - no boredom, no grief do not know."

Russian proverb about the love of a mother is very multi-faceted and diverse.This piece of folk art encompasses all spheres of human life - from the appearance in the family to his relationship with the second half ("caress wife and mother regret").

Proverbs and Sayings of the mother accompany us throughout life.They reflect the knowledge accumulated by previous generations, and not aging with time.Thanks to these proverbs Russian language greatly enriched, becomes more vivid and expressive.Do not forget to use them more often in his speech!