Metropolitan Museum of Art in Moscow and St. Petersburg: reviews and photos

Metropolitan - one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century.It is difficult to imagine life in the big city without this type of transport.Few people know that in Moscow and St. Petersburg you can visit such an institution as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Guests of these cities will certainly be interesting to go to a place like this.

Metro as a form of transport

word "underground" of English origin and literally translates as "metropolitan railway".Metropolitan - is a special form of transport, which is a rail line (or several branches), which runs the train on the specified routes.The main feature of the underground, which makes it different from all other modes of transport, is its isolation, isolation in relation to the street and walking.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes very difficult to determine whether a particular transport system to the subway.For example, if the metro underground railway in the New Athos?Or the so-called high-speed tram in the city of Krivoy Rog, part of the route which passes under the ground?That is why in the world there are many "hybrid" (border) metro systems.

world's first subway line was built in London in 1863.Its length is almost 6 kilometers.

The largest subway system in the world today is the New York subway.It includes 24 routes and has 468 stations.In Europe, the largest underground in Moscow.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum in a particular town - a great opportunity to learn about the history of its construction, and about the city as a whole.

Moscow Metro: history and modernity

In the former Soviet Union, there was the first subway in the capital of this state.The first line was launched in Moscow in 1935, and before the war, in 1941, in the city there were already as many as three lines.During World War II the tunnels of the Moscow Metro is actively used as shelters.

Interestingly, the idea of ​​building underground in the city occurred in the days of the Russian Empire, namely in 1875.But all the projects have not been implemented.History Museum in Moscow metro in detail tells about the history of its creation and development.

Today Moscow metro system includes 12 lines, which is located 196 stations.In the next five years, their total number is expected to increase by another 78 stations.

is worth noting that the Moscow subway - is not just a mode of transportation.It is also a real reserve of social realism - the cultural currents of the Soviet era.For example, 44 stations of the Moscow Metro are on the list of objects of cultural heritage of the country.

Metropolitan Museum (Moscow)

exhibits of the museum definitely will be interesting to people of all ages.Reviews are very positive about it.

can assume that the Museum of the Moscow Metro was founded in 1967.It was then organized the first small exhibition.Metro staff suggested that it would be interesting just to residents of the capital.And they were not mistaken.The museum has always had visitors from the very first day of its existence.

Logically, the Museum of the Moscow Metro is also underground.Namely - within the metro station "Sport".Visit it can be from Tuesday to Saturday (10 am to 16:30).

Overall, the Metropolitan Museum in Moscow, leaves a good impression like ordinary visitors and people who are associated with the transport professional.Here you can see a lot of interesting items, including: a model of the escalator and the turnstile, the real subway train cabin, multiple layouts, as well as a huge collection of tokens and tickets (some of which date back to the year 1935).

Museum Reviews very positive.Anyone who has visited here, note that the exhibits of great interest, especially among local historians and lovers of all sorts of antiques.Popular with tourists and a tour in support of the museum, which is carried out at a high level.Many enthusiastic about the opportunity to sit in a chair metro train driver.

However, visitors to the museum and celebrate one of its significant drawback - it's too little space for such exposures.

Petersburg Metro: history and modernity

Unlike Moscow, Metro in St. Petersburg, was launched after the war - in 1955.Today Petersburg Metro has five lines, has 67 stations and 7 hubs.Some stations successfully combined with the railway stations of the city.

In St. Petersburg metro has one distinctive feature: it holds the first place in the world at an average depth of the metro stations.And one of them ("Admiralty") is deep in Russia.In addition, most of the stations differ beautiful and original design.

As in the case of the Moscow metro, in St. Petersburg, the idea of ​​building the subway arose in the late XIX century.However, the development of major projects it came only in the late 1930s.

In 1941 work began on its construction.Just before Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union had to lay employees 34 shafts.However, their speed had flooded due to lack of funds for further construction.And in 1944, he was killed and Construction Manager IGZubkov.

complete construction of the St. Petersburg metro was only after the end of World War II.Inauguration of the metro in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) was held on November 15, 1955.

Metropolitan Museum of St. Petersburg

Metro Museum in St. Petersburg was founded in 2005.And actively participate in this process, taking the veterans of St. Petersburg metro.A visit to this unique museum begins with a documentary about the history of the transport system.And then the guests start to get acquainted with the most interesting mysteries and secrets of the St. Petersburg subway.

For example, many residents interested in the question of why the station "Avtovo" one column made of glass, and the other - marble.Museum guides are happy to answer it.It turns out that at this station all the columns were to be made of glass.However, the plant broke the mold, and a matter of urgency for the manufacture of other columns has been used is marble.

"very interesting!"- So often speak about this museum.Although some believe that this museum does not stand out among others that you can go there again if absolutely nothing else to do, entry is free.One way or another, but all visitors to the museum in St. Petersburg metro agree that it is best to visit with a guided tour.After all, so you can learn many interesting facts about the subway and construction.


Metropolitan Museum in Moscow or St. Petersburg - a great place for those who are seriously interested in the features of this wonderful mode of transport.In these establishments, visitors can not only learn about the history of subway construction in a particular city, but also to hear about the mysteries and secrets of the underworld big cities of Russia.