March 1 - Day of the fight against drug trafficking.

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problem of drug abuse has long ceased to be considered only in the aspect of maintaining health.A man who uses drugs, poses a real threat to society.These people do not get a job, offend friends and family, commit crimes.Teens addicts deprived of the opportunity in the future to have children, or give birth to children with developmental disabilities.

In order to combat drug trafficking, to draw public attention to the issue of the UN General Assembly in 1987, has taken the initiative to establish an appropriate choice.Since March 1 - Day of the fight against drug trafficking.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a group of diseases caused by the use of a drug and is determined by the craving for drugs.Diagnosis is narcologist on the basis of clinical signs.

Drugs can be divided into the strengths and weaknesses.This classification is misleading not only teenagers, but also older people.Some representatives of the youth (and not only them) think that soft drugs are not so dangerous.In fact it is not.Substances marihuanovogo number quickly cause psychological dependence.Later, the addict goes to the use of stronger substances heroin, cocaine, and so on. D. Since 1 March - Day of the fight against drug trafficking - a good reason to pay attention to educational work.

Some teenagers first use all the drugs indiscriminately, then give preference to any one substance.The choice is determined by the response of the body or the fashion for a particular drug.

Drug addiction is much worse than alcohol.Addict is not interested in anything but the craving for the drug and opportunities to get another dose.Over time, the amount of input material must be increased, resulting in death from overdose.

How does the drug trade?

By narcotics is meant to obtain income from the illegal drug trade.People who sell psychotropic substances, called the dealer.Drug dealers do not use often, but actively inclined to the others, because it affects profit.Among the sellers of drugs isolated wholesalers supplying large quantities of goods, and retailers.Wholesalers or never work, or have legitimate businesses to launder money.

drug distribution channels are diverse.The drug could offer on the street, at school, at the disco.From drug helps out a lot of money going to support other negative phenomena in society (terrorism, corruption, etc.).On 1 March - Day of the fight against drug trafficking - it is intended to draw public attention to other, equally serious problems.

methods of combating drug trafficking

Combating drug trafficking is carried out throughout the world.To counter illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs, have joined forces to CIS countries.In the framework of improving the regulatory framework, developed a program to combat drug trafficking conduct, analyze and forecast the drug situation, to stop the smuggling of banned substances through the territory of the states.Specialists conducted the investigation and the investigative operations, providing legal assistance in criminal and civil cases.

problems confront drug trafficking discussed at a scientific level.Regularly hosts international conferences, published manuals on the prevention, detection and disclosure of crimes related to drug trafficking.

execution of decisions made at the national level is controlled by the States - members of the Commonwealth.World Day to Combat Drug Trafficking is celebrated in all CIS countries.


In order to prevent drug abuse in schools and other educational institutions are trainings, seminars, sporting events.So, in Maikop International Day against drug trafficking began with competitions in arm-wrestling.The event was part of the girl.Then the video showed young people about the dangers of drugs and the benefits of sport, and ended the holiday dance flash mob.

listening to the residents of Saratov narcologist Balakovo neuropsychiatric clinic I. Zatachaevoy.The expert expressed concern about early onset of drug use, warned of the dangers of spice, smoking mixtures, and other similar compounds.

In the city of Abinsk March 1 - Day of the fight against drug trafficking - also noted the interesting and fun.The administration and teachers of secondary school number 1 was organized thematic work studios.The children learned about the legal implications of the manufacture and distribution of drugs, were determined with the choice of profession and recognized themselves by means of psychological tests.In all educational institutions of the city conducted online tutorial to promote giving up drugs.Young people are happy to have participated in actions "Protect Life", "Healthy You - Healthy Society", distributing informational handouts.

drug prevention

health of people, including children and adolescents in the family is determined by climate, value system, the presence or absence of vital goals.Young people need to learn, play sports, attend optional courses and hobby groups, to help parents with the housework.It is important to teach a growing person to distinguish good from bad, to think for themselves and be able to say "No".The fact that the drug - it is evil, it must be remembered, not only on the day of the fight against drug trafficking, but also to all the other 364 days of the year.

If trouble has occurred, you should immediately see a doctor and start treatment.The earlier received medical and psychological care, the less likely to sit on the needle.