Which is better firm cameras

has long been in the daily lives of people entered the compact cameras.For very many it is only the ability to capture the important moments of life, for example, such as a vacation.Another camera helps to express themselves, to show their creativity, to satisfy the craving for beauty.In any case, the people question what is best to choose a digital camera.Many people are trying to resolve this issue, determine which company best cameras.But not always, these two measures are identical.Even lesser-known manufacturers can offer quite decent solution.It is therefore important to understand what is of fundamental importance in determining how best to choose a digital camera.

Despite the fact that modern cameras can have a huge number of functions, it is not the most important thing.These functions are usually designed rather to ensure that mislead consumers.After all, many believe that the more features the better technique.However, it is not.For digital cameras is a key element of the matrix size.That matter what the size of the matrix depends on the quality of the photos.To understand how important this is, one need only compare with conventional SLR cameras.Even if both the number of pixels is the same, the difference in image quality will be enormous, because the SLR cameras are much larger matrix.But everything depends not only on this.Another important factor is the lens.From the lens, first of all, it depends on whether a picture taken with the flash or not.Generally, the use of flash significantly degrades image quality.Therefore, the higher the sensitivity of the lens, the less need to use the flash, which has a positive impact on the quality of the photos.Does the lens and the ability to use approximations.The so-called zoom - this is one of the most frequently used camera functions.So many seek to determine what the best camera company, studying the level of zoom.However, it is not considered that the zoom can be both digital and "mechanical".If the last really allows you to make good shots, then the digital zoom, as a rule, do not allow it.Manufacturers also try to specify precisely the digital zoom, "forgetting" to mention about the real.

So, mainly for the camera is a big matrix, and a good lens.Judging by these criteria, what best firm cameras?One of the leaders, of course, is the Canon.And the best is the choice of the brand of the camera when the question is what kind of camera is best to choose the company to better and more saturated frames.If you need to decide what the best cameras on the reliability of the firm, the preferred model from Nikon.However, models of Nikon's has several significant drawbacks.First of all, these cameras is quite difficult to manage when it is "eating up" the battery charge rather quickly.

To summarize, it is necessary to once again draw attention to that to determine what the best camera company, is to focus not on the set of functions that are always available in large quantities, and on the size of the matrix and the camera lens.After all, the main purpose of using the camera - is to get high-quality images that can reflect all the features of the place where the shoot.Therefore it is not so important additional functions, which can only complicate the management, but did not add to the quality.In addition, these functions can significantly increase the cost of the camera which, as follows from what is said above, do not affect the final quality of the recording.