What is the best e-book?

Nowadays progress steps by leaps and bounds and has got to the paper.The phrase "electronic book" today does not surprise anyone.Moreover, these devices briskly part of our lives.For many people who simply can not imagine their existence without reading these gadgets have become buoys in the ocean of life.They are convenient for the consumer in the first place because they have a solid memory, so you can store a large number of books and documents in a single device.The weight did not exceed 200-250 grams, and the charge lasts for many hours reading, so you can take an e-book, or, as he called them, most of today's youth, even the reader on a long trip.

Going shopping for the consumer looking for the answer to a lot of different issues.What is the best e-book?What should you look for when choosing a device for reading electronic books?The first is, of course, the screen is, in fact, he spends the most electricity when using the device, and it will largely determine what the best e-book.

There are two main types of screen reader - LCD (liquid crystal), and E-Ink.The disadvantage of a liquid crystal display device for reading electronic books is a limited time battery life (about 4 hours), and a negative impact on consumer perspective.But on the other hand, we have a color display that allows you to not only read the book, but also view photos and video.Readers with LCD-displays are commonly used as multifunctional devices.For example, PocketBook IQ 701 has a built-in Wi-Fi, through which you can browse the web, and work with e-mail (estimated cost - $ 185).

screen technology E-Ink («electronic paper") can display only a few shades of gray, but the big plus is a long operation of the device (over 12 hours), aselectricity is spent only on the change in the image (ie, flipping pages).This technology is used in the majority of readers and it also depends on what the best e-book.

should also determine the resolution of the screen.The best option may be considered a display resolution of 600x800 (for example, model Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi, PocketBook IQ 701, Sony PRS-300, the approximate cost from $ 100 to $ 180).You can choose a model with higher resolution that will make reading less comfortable (PocketBook Pro 902 - 360 $, Amazon Kindle DX - $ 450).

choosing which e-book is the best, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer.The main leaders are, of course, Sony, PocketBook, and Amazon Kindle, becausethese brands in the production prefer the reliability and convenience.Devices from other manufacturers, unfortunately, works with large faults that characterizes them is not at its best.

secondary importance criteria for determining what the best e-book, you can specify the kinds of controls (mechanical or sensor), supported formats, sizes and weights.One can not say any modification of these parameters is better or worse.Everyone defines for itself the acceptability of various options, depending on how it will be then used in the e-book.

Taking the final decision on the purchase of the gadget, the consumer is mainly based on which model of e-book is best for him.Definitely we can say for sure that just before the last option a device you want to test your favorite model in person.Only in this way it will be clear what the best e-book, and easy to be use of this particular instance, because in the absence of comfort will not be able to enjoy using it.