Museum of microbes in Amsterdam: the wonderful world of everyone can see

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At the end of last year in Amsterdam, opened the first museum in the world of microbes.The idea of ​​opening such an institution is unusual because all other show only macro wildlife.The creators decided to show to everyone that close to someone, there is another world of which most do not even realize.

founder of the museum

Open Museum of microbes in Amsterdam decided Haig Belial, which at this time is the director of this institution.He himself admits that this idea occurred to him even 12 years ago.However, it turned out only to realize in 2014.

The museum is actually a zoo, after all the exhibits it alive.

unique establishment located next to the complex Royal Artic Zoo is part of it.The construction of all the halls of the museum and its exhibits preparation spent about 10 million euros.

Reasons for establishing

That prompted to open the Museum of Belial microbes in Amsterdam, said the director.

Most zoos show a small part of fauna of our planet.Basically these are large animals, birds and reptiles.At the same time, only one person on the body of microorganisms is greater than that of all people in the world.But interest in them reveal only scientists.Undoubtedly, this is due to the fact that to see at least one of the representatives of micro-organisms is not possible with the naked eye.But this does not mean that bacteria and should remain only in the field of narrow specialists.If you do not discover this wonderful world for the masses, the interest in this science never will.That is why everyone should know that in Amsterdam, opened the Museum of microbes.


As can be seen in this unusual museum exhibits and why it causes so much interest?

The museum resembles a laboratory, in which a plurality of microscopes and flasks.It is here that you can see 2/3 of the total biomass of microorganisms that exist in the world.But this is not the only thing that is worth to visit the Museum of microbes in Amsterdam.There there is also a real laboratory, in which the experts deduce new exhibits.Look into the world of science and see how scientists work, it is possible through a special window of thick, impenetrable glass.

In addition, the museum installed interactive screens.With their help, anyone can check how many microbes living on his body and how they are called.For example, in the human mouth can be approximately 700 different species of bacteria, and the soles of the feet - 80 species of fungi.

also in one of the halls of the huge installed display that visitors show a spectacular animation.It begins with the image of the human eye, which live on the eyelashes tiny mites.Then zoom changes, and visitors have the chance to see who lives in the body of the tick.

Another exhibit - the model of the Ebola virus, which received notoriety in the past year, and the human immunodeficiency virus.

unusual and interesting attraction is the Kiss-o-meter.With it, the lovers can find out how many organisms are exchanged during a kiss.Museum staff conducted an experiment before the opening of the museum.It was attended by 42 people.Couples kissed for 10 seconds.After that, the scientists collected samples of saliva in order to find out what was the microflora of the mouth each and the quantity of bacteria found a new place of residence.

time visiting

Museum of microbes in Amsterdam waiting for its visitors every day.Tickets can be booked at the museum site.In addition, everyone has the opportunity to purchase a package of "micro-+ Artis Zoo."Ticket prices will be different for children and adults.For example, a child ticket will cost you € 12, adults - 14. All students can visit the museum for 7.5 euros.For babies up to two years the entrance is absolutely free.