How to archive file in the Zip.

Probably many a child faced with a situation when we have going backpacking or to the recreation center, parents are so densely packed things in a backpack that was even too much space.Going well back home, we could not pack up their belongings and half.Approximately the same situation is obtained and computer data.7-Zip program acts as the pressing device for compressing data and placing it in a container.But few know how to archive a file in the Zip.Therefore, this article will be discussed popular software, their capabilities, and detailed steps to archive and unzip files and folders.

information about archives and their purpose

Backup file has been practiced for a long enough period of time.Previously, virtually every user computing device known about how to archive and unzip the file, because each byte of memory was on the bill.With the growth and improvement of technology, and with it the speed of the Internet, users are slowly beginning to forget about this program.Downloading or uploading a file to the Global Network, people are increasingly interested in questions about what data archiving as archive files?

One of the most popular programs on the compression of information is now archiver 7-Zip.It is more nimble among his peers and is optimized for new versions of operating systems.This program is based on an advanced algorithm using the optimal compression File does not take up much space, the process of archiving the fastest.Agree, in this age of the Internet it is easier to transmit data in one file than one document attached to the message.But how to archive a file or folder if you have not previously encountered with the program-archiver?To understand this question, you first need to install on your computer the necessary software.


Installation and Setup 7 Zip does not as complex as it might seem at first glance.Earlier archivers were paid, so users trying to download the installation application with web sites that have not been tested antivirus.Now, to download the program, we need only go to the official site of developers archiver 7-Zip and receive a complete package of fun for free.How to install?You should only run the downloaded application that is compatible with the type of your operating system, choose the path to the folder where it is installed (the default is the system folder Program Files), and wait until the installer has finished copying and decompressing files.The installation process takes a fraction of a second, and then you can move on to the question of how the archive file in the Zip.But we should remember that if you do not set the right program, you will not be able to read a single file, so you must read the following brief recommendations on setting the parameters.

Easy setup archiver 7-Zip

first start of the program requires little configuration.To do this, select the menu item "Service".Open the "Settings" tab and in the "System" put a tick next to all available formats.So your program will be able to decode virtually all known archive formats, whether it is ISO, RAR or any other.

-step instructions for creating and adding files to the archive

If you are wondering how to archive a file in standard Zip, you must follow this sequence of actions:

  1. skid files in one folder, so that when you open Programs-Archiver has the ability to select all the necessary materials.If you need to add to the archive various types of data folders, documents, audio and video, then create the root folder, and you dropped it necessary materials.
  2. Now you can open an archiver.It is sandwiched by a keyboard button Ctrl allocate the necessary materials.Once the desired files are selected, go to the question of how to archive the files.Program 7-Zip is a simple and convenient in this respect.
  3. toolbar archiver click on the green icon "+", thereby adding to the archive of our selected materials.Before we open the settings window.
  4. to our future expansion of the file was a .zip, must be in the format drop-down list to change the value of the archive 7z to zip.You also need to choose the level of compression.By default, the program sets the standard type of compression, but if you need to minimize your materials, it is possible ultraszhatiya in which a little lost quality photos, video or audio.Compression methods will be discussed a little further, you'll be able to pick up his desired.

So we figured out how to compress.Back up folders and files, as you can see, is not too much trouble.

methods of data compression archiver

  • LZMA.This algorithm is based on the compression scheme materials dictionary.He is well compresses the data, so the 7-Zip program and gained quite a high popularity.
  • LZMA2 - an advanced compression algorithm.It has some advantages over the previous method.
  • PPMd.This algorithm is based on context modeling.It is good to its lossless data compression.
  • BZip2 - this is probably the oldest compression algorithm.It is quite effective, but also can execute a single command: compress or decompress.

We reviewed the methods of compression, you can now choose the way how to archive file in the Zip.

Ability to set a password for the archive

There is a great opportunity to set up a simple or complex password.How to install it, to thereby protect the archive from attackers who try to capture your data and files on the Internet?Once you have clicked on the button "Add to archive", a window appears with a choice of compression method, future expansion and other parameters to create an archive.On the right, in the same window, you can see the empty string for the password encryption.It must be entered twice, then save by pressing "OK".

So we dealt with the main points of how to archive a folder with archiver 7zip.Unzipping process as simple and easy to use even for novice users.