Barack Obama - Biography.

Barack Obama, whose biography is closely linked with the policy, the first in the history of the US black president.Having broken a lot of different conventions, this man during his lifetime became a legend.

prominent politicians have a cold mind and a warm heart.He is forty-fourth president of the United States.Barack Obama in 2009 won the Nobel Peace Prize.Before his election, he served as US senator from Illinois.The hard way of formation took place in his life, Barack Obama.Brief biography of the outstanding policies will be interesting to many readers.


known politician of our time was born in 1961 in Honolulu.This sunny and warm city is the only metropolis in the Hawaiian Islands.Birthday Barack Obama - August 4.

meeting the boy's parents took place in the University of Hawaii.Father Barack - Barack Hussein Obama Sr. - was a black Kenyan who came to the US in order to receive higher education in the University of Hawaii.The mother of the current president - Eni Stanley Dunham.This white American woman studying in the same school of anthropology.

When the son was still an infant, Obama Sr. went to Harvard to continue his studies.Because of financial difficulties the family has not followed him.For a while, the parents of Barack maintained relations.However, when his son reached the age of two, Obama Sr. left the United States alone.He moved to live in Kenya, where he was offered a post in the government economist.He and his wife a divorce.

new family

Barack Obama practically spent my whole life without a father.His was the sole support of his mother.When her son was six years old, Eni Dunham married again.Her new chosen once again become an international student.Homeland's second husband - Lolo Sutor - was Indonesia.Soon he was born half-sister of Barack - Maya.After some time, the whole family went to the home of his stepfather - Indonesia.There, and spent his childhood ode future president of America.

Primary education

While in Jakarta, where the family lived, the boy went to a comprehensive school.He studied there until the fourth grade.Then Obama Jr. returned to Hawaii.There he lived with his maternal grandparents.In Hawaii, the future president continued his education at a private school.It was a prestigious institution "Panehou."Private school is still proud of its graduates, among them well-known actors and athletes.Not least in this list is Barack Obama.
Going to school, the boy was fond of basketball.The team, part of which he was a member, won the state championship, which took place in 1979

Many years later, memories of childhood are reflected in the book, which was written by Barack Obama.Brief biography and main stages of the current president were set out in a work entitled "Dreams From My Father."

Higher Education

After finishing school in 1979, the future president moved from Hawaii to Los Angeles.Here he continued his education by enrolling at Occidental College.However, his study was short-lived.Soon Obama changed the Los Angeles to New York.In the largest US metropolis future politician has decided to continue his education at Columbia universitete.Imenno here and began a career of outstanding politician, whom is now Barack Obama.Biography of him as a public figure, who later became president, leading its origins from a period working in an international business corporation.There he was promoted to editor in department dealing with financial information.

Early career After graduating from Columbia University and a bachelor's degree, Barack moved to Chicago.In this metropolis, he served as a community organizer in the most disadvantaged areas.It is on this paper Barak realized the need for change in policies and legislation, which, in his opinion, should improve the lives of ordinary people.

Obtaining legal education

In 1988, the future politician has decided to continue his studies.He enrolled in law school at Harvard University.As a student, Obama worked as an editor in the university newspaper.He was the first African American to whom was entrusted the post.In 1990, it referred to the newspaper "New York Times".She said in the news about the first black president of the Harvard Club of Lawyers.African American took the post the first time in one hundred and four years of existence of the Club.

Further career After graduation, the future politician came back to Chicago.Here, Barack Obama, whose biography is continued on the legal field, was engaged in the protection of victims of discrimination in court.In addition, the future president of the lessons taught in the School of Law at the University of Chicago, he worked at the headquarters of the Democratic Party.

It raises the question of the electoral law and has worked with a small law firmoy.Naibolshuyu fame Barack Obama was like a man who fought against racial discrimination as a liberal and a supporter of the adoption system, allowing to provide universal health insurance.

Position senator

Already in the early 90's the future president was a member of the Democratic Party.In 1996, Illinois became a state senator Barack Obama.His biography as a major political figure began with the unification of the work of republican and democratic parties that are in constant confrontation.How old is Barack Obama was destined to be in this position?Senator future president was eight years old.This was the period from 1997 to 2004. It was during these years, Obama has advocated the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and was opposed to the creation of the North American zone, which was planned to allow free trade.One of the main political doctrine policy - support for families who are low-income.

place in the US Senate

In 2004, Barack Obama's political career has been further developed.He began to fight for a place in the US Senate from Illinois.The chances of success are greatly increased after his opponent, Republican Jack Ryan withdrew his candidacy in connection with the scandalous charges brought after his divorce proceedings.

29.07.2004, at participating in the election campaign, a prominent politician made a speech, which addressed the National Congress of the Democratic Party.Barack Obama's speech was broadcast on television.It is this question and brought the future president of fame in the country.In his speech, Obama called on all the people to the roots of American society.He expressed hope that the United States giving the status of the country of the great opportunities that are illustrated in the example of the life of his father and his own biography.

Speech played an important role.The election to the Senate was won with a significant advantage.Obama beat Republican Alan Keyes.Home duties in the Senate occurred in January 2005 It is said that in the history of the United States, Barack Obama became the fifth black senator.The future president was included in the several committees that deal with the environment, public works, veterans affairs and international relations.

As before, Obama is connected to the solution of a number of issues Republicans.Together with them, he worked on legislative acts, allowing to make more transparent government operations.During this period, the future president of the United States first visited Russia.The purpose of his visit was to discuss the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

voting Obama in the Senate as a whole consistent with the position of the Liberal Democratic Party.During this period the policy paid great attention towards the development of alternative sources of energy.

presidential election

How old is Barack Obama needed to become one of the most prominent politicians in Washington?By the fall of 2006, observers highly evaluated his chances for victory in presidential elections.By early 2007, Obama was the second in the list of favorites after Democrat Hillary Clinton.In January, it was created by the evaluation committee.This was the initial stage of the presidential election.In February 2007, for Barack Obama was ready to vote for fifteen percent of Democrats and Hillary Clinton - forty-three.In early June, the same year the gap narrowed considerably.Clinton was able to collect only three percent more votes.

emphasis in campaign speeches future president Barack Obama did on political and economic issues.It is as always promoted the idea of ​​withdrawing troops from Iraq.Obama's speech also contained various proposals that were to support the existence of the poorest segments of the American population.These ideas
presidential candidate soon received a response of the population.

for the campaign was set up a special fund, which received fifty-eight million. Dollars.And almost one-third of this amount, donations accounted for ordinary Americans.This support has enabled ordinary people to completely abandon the Obama budget financing of its participation in the company.The result of the US presidential elections was the victory of a prominent black politician.

high post

20.01.2007, the liberal Democrat and the first African-American president in US history took the White House Oval Hall.Age of Barack Obama at the time was forty-five years.

As president, an outstanding leader held a number of global reforms that have affected the economic and political spheres of life USA.It was during his participation Senate passed the bailout bill.The main provisions of the document contained a number of measures to support the economy.In addition, it was decided on the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.Obama's health reform was held and adopted a series of important laws.


election of Barack Obama's first term as president expired in 2011. Prior to his graduation, he announced his decision to participate in the new company for a place in the White House.
Americans chose Obama for a second term.He was head and shoulders above its competitors.

for the first black president of America voted for most of the population of all states in the country.In his campaign speeches, Obama expressed regret that the economic situation that has developed in the United States.However, he assured his voters that the bulk of the work has not yet been carried out.

bad economic situation in the country was the main trump card of his opponent - Romney.He urged voters to vote for real change.Observers believe that the results of the candidates will be close, and the lawyers on both sides have been preparing for legal proceedings.However, this did not happen.Ohio has defined Obama's victory.It gave its people the right to defeat Barack votes.The election results were also recognized and supporters of Romney, that is important.


current American president is married.The wife of Barack Obama - Michelle Obama is a practicing lawyer (until marriage - Robinson).Their marriage took place in 1992. In America, family Michelle and Barack considered exemplary.Perfection wife plays a positive role in the reputation of the head of state.

Michel - an exceptional woman.It fully supports her husband and has a keen sense of style.Michelle helps her husband in every way and goes with him through life together.She became chief adviser to Obama.It does not hide himself Barak.He openly says that most of the important political affairs he would discuss with his wife.Michelle has been the image of her husband, and is directly involved in the writing of his political speeches.In 2010, according to the magazine Forbes, she was recognized as the most powerful on the planet zhenschinoy.V Obama family grow two daughters.Senior Malia Ann was born in 1998.Three years later, she had a younger sister - Natasha.