Irina Prokhorova: life, literary and social activities

outstanding to date a Russian scholar, political figure and leader of the party "Civic Platform" Irina Prokhorova is a tireless charity work and was a confidant of Mikhail Prokhorov in the presidential elections of 2012.

Biography Irina Prokhorova

sister was born Mikhail Prokhorov, March 3, 1956 in Moscow.On the origin of their parents, she responds simply by saying that they were the averages.In fact, they are quite tempting positions.Irina's father - Dmitry Prokhorov Ionovich - was the Head of Department for International Relations of the USSR, and his mother - Tamara Kumaritova - was an employee at the Department of Polymer MIHM (Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering).

Irina Prokhorova studied at Moscow State University.VL University, Faculty of Philology.Later, she graduated with a thesis on the literature of the English modernism and became a candidate of philosophical sciences.

After graduating in the 80 years she worked on local television and was the editor of a magazine called "Literary Review".

In 1992, having gained experience in publishing, the current literary organization founded her own "New Literary Review", which took the place of the head.

Irina married, married and she gave birth to a daughter who was named in her honor as Irochka.

Family History

Ancestors Irina paternal were peasant family, immigrants from Smolensk.As you know, my grandfather's father was a migrant to Siberia, where he lived a certain time and led a decent economy.Subsequently, on pain of dispossession he fled.

Through the mother were doctors and scientists.Irene's grandfather served as People's Commissar of Health in Dagestan.1934 gave him the position of director of the local medical institute of the city of Dagestan.Grandmother Irina Prokhorova, Anna Belkin, taught himself Professor Zilber, fairly well-known in those days.Although she was a microbiologist, but a career in the field of science it has not developed.Came the war, Anna sent his daughter to the evacuation, and she was engaged in the development of vaccines in Moscow.

mother Irene, Tamara Kumaritova, in 1965, gave birth to his youngest son Michael, who is now the well-known Russian politician and businessman.

Irina Prokhorova as a politician and public figure

Life is the leader of the party "Civic Platform", in addition to publishing destinations is closely linked to political activities.In 2012, the presidential elections it became a confidant of his brother - Mikhail Prokhorov.During this period he received a tempting offer to become the head of the Public Council under the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, from which she later refused without hesitation.

Today Irina D. Prokhorov actively involved in charity work throughout Russia.In 2004, the Foundation was created by Mikhail Prokhorov, the initiator of which was his sister.Apart from the fact that a woman is one of the founders of the Foundation, it is also the organizer and coordinator of the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair, the owner and editor of his own publishing house "New Literary Review".

Versatile interests

Total of its activity Irina Prokhorova has achieved the following indicators:

  • She founded the journal "UFO" and "NZ".Today, the publishing house "UFO" out 18 book series, including children's literature, cultural studies, literature, prose and poetry, history, memoirs, philosophy and more.
  • Released in 2006, the first in Russia specialized magazine called "Theory of Fashion".The publication devoted to studying of fashion as a cultural phenomenon.
  • establish an annual international scientific conference "Bathroom Reading".

addition, Irina D. has established itself as cheerful and active person, proof of which are the following facts:

  • Upon receipt of the State Prize of reading ditties of his own.
  • At the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair to represent the organization in a suit pioneers.
  • Being an actress by vocation, at one meeting "UFO" without any doubt, has assumed the role of Nastasia Filip works of Dostoyevsky's "The Idiot."

Major achievements female politician RF

addition to the above achievements, in 2002 Irina was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation and became the winner of art and literature for the creation of her own magazine "New Literary Review".

Later the woman has received many rewards for their work, receiving awards.For example, in 2003, Irina became the owner of Liberty - Prize of the Russian emigration.The reason was the development of Russian-American relations in the sphere of culture and arts, to create the best educational project in Russia.

2006 presented the figure of Alexander White Award in honor of his special contribution to Russian literature.

Later, in France, Irina Prokhorova was awarded the Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters.

Irina Prokhorova and its strategy with respect to the situation in Ukraine

Party leader has repeatedly said it is not going to send to Ukraine of representatives of his party movement, as they did some of the other political forces in Russia.In addition, the "Civic Platform" Irina Prokhorova absolutely sure that the conflict be resolved through peaceful diplomatic negotiations.Such a decision of the Ukrainian authorities will be able to positively affect the economy and stock market.That is the opinion of Ukraine, Irina Prokhorova: "The financial crisis is no use to anyone, and I desperately hope the common sense of the Ukrainian authorities in making key decisions on the settlement of the scale of the conflict."

also called on the leader of the movement not to lend Ukrainian politicians and freeze for a while by all accounts debt to the Russian Federation.