Yulia Timoshenko.

Yulia Tymoshenko is hardly inexperienced politician, although the phrase uttered by it, give it to a standstill at times interviewers its low culture.She has her own electorate and creating the image it seeks to conform to his ideas about how to look voice for this part of the Ukrainian society.

old story

In March 1995, the board charter, which was flying "gas princess", made an emergency landing in Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk before reaching the airport that do not take the weather conditions.Customs, after searching the plane found a large amount of foreign currency, and the wife of Timoshenko had to spend a couple of nights in the prison of this city, until they were rescued by Pavel Ivanovich Lazarenko, a great friend of the family and the prime minister.Soon it was created United Energy Systems of Ukraine - corporation to absorb all the gas market.How many billions of dollars withdrawn from this structure, it is difficult to take into account, and no one today puts this.

After the criminal case on the Lazarenko was arrested and his right hand - Yulia Tymoshenko.What put the chapter were directed in 2001?The answer to this question must be sought in the case of ex-premier, tomivshegosya many years in American prisons.This pair has been linked by common business interests, and that the assistant only follow instructions, it does not justify.

Tymoshenko and Yushchenko

In 2005, Tymoshenko was removed from his post of Prime Minister, she was unable to find a common language with Viktor Yushchenko, who was heavily indebted to her with his victory in the Orange Revolution.Many apprehended while this step the President of Ukraine as ingratitude.

further struggle opposition ex-premier was mainly criticized the actions of the pro-Russian government formed Viktor Yanukovych, its main leitmotif was a line on the full Ukrainization and the course of European integration, associated with the independence of a part of the electorate.Calls for the strengthening of national unity were heard from the prison walls.

Since 2005, Tymoshenko has repeatedly expressed its disagreement with the legal aspects of the supply of natural gas to Ukraine.Intermediary company, through which the procurement was called "RosUkrEnergo" and belonged to three owners: "Gazprom" (50%) from the Russian side and Firtash (45%) with Fursin (5%) - with the Ukrainian.For some reason, President Yushchenko's lobbying for a trade order, and on this basis he had a conflict with the prime minister.This situation lasted until 2008, when the right buyer was "Naftogaz Ukraine".This happened due to non-payment of "RosUkrEnergo" debt of 4 billion cubic meters of gas produced at the end of 2007.

all gone - it works

interesting position of President Viktor Yushchenko, who gave a direct indication of all the negotiations collapse, not to sign a new contract and thus put into question the country's economic security.In October 2008, in the presence of debt in the $ 2.2 billion, and absence of the agreements was very real prospect of a complete shutdown of gas supply Ukraine.The signing of the contract was scheduled for the last day of 2008.From conflict estranged all the country's leaders.Opposition to the Ukrainian establishment direct supplies without intermediaries, and it was noted by the Russian side.As a result, from January 1, 2009 the valve was closed.

and signing of the contract

January 18 memorandum has been signed yet.On the Russian side, in his decision was Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian - Yulia Tymoshenko.Why they put it, who took the responsibility to negotiate with Moscow, while the rest of the leadership rested, celebrating Christmas and New Year?The occasion was found.Conditions were enslaving recognized, and the price - an unprecedented high (up to $ 376 per 1,000 cu. M).

criminal case was instituted under President Yushchenko, so further consideration already under Yanukovych can not be qualified as a political reprisal against a patriot committed by "pro-Kremlin" mode.From the point of view of the interests of the Russian Federation, it is difficult to overestimate the service that had Moscow Yulia Tymoshenko.The term of imprisonment that is assigned as punishment, was seven years old.

During detention famous prisoner almost constantly in the hospital.Some leaked information to judge that a serious illness, she simply pretended.

Considering all the circumstances under which the signing of agreements on gas, it would be difficult to specify for which Tymoshenko was sitting.Tymoshenko flew to Moscow on the grounds that to do more of this, no one could or would not.Ukrainian-Russian relations are at an impasse because of the inconsistent and hostile policy pursued by the administration of Yushchenko, constant threats joining NATO and the rejection of good neighborly relations.If Yushchenko and risked to fly to the talks in the white-stone, with him hardly would talk to both Putin and Medvedev, not to mention any progress.Expect that the valve opens by itself, it is also not necessary.Correct situation somehow could only Yulia Tymoshenko.Why put it first to the negotiating table, and then in Kachanovskaya penal colony?Was it a political prisoner?Could we have done otherwise?There are many questions, not enough answers.

Liberation Day

But nothing lasts forever.Another Maidan happened in Kiev in 2013, brought to power representatives of the party "Fatherland", which is led by Yulia Tymoshenko.What put the former prime minister, now it does not matter, since the first days of confrontation, he actively supported the pro-European movement, from behind bars urging rebels to fight to the end, not sparing their own lives.And these warlike cries were heard.

Yulia Tymoshenko released February 22, 2014 immediately after the escape from the Ukraine Yanukovych.The return was triumphant, and accompanied by a picture vozdevaniyami hands Rolling Eyes posturing and a crutch to prop up weakened from constant lying feet, shod in high-heeled shoes.At a reception at the American Embassy was healed at all, though brief, and explains clearly the special atmosphere of this miraculous institution.

Despite the fact that now there is nothing stopping the investigation of crimes "bloody regime of Yanukovich", the new revolutionary government in no hurry to deal with the circumstances of the case, which was condemned by Tymoshenko.Why put it, and now it does not matter, but the main contender for the presidential mace Petro Poroshenko has politely asked rebellious lady does not take away from it a part of the voters.He believes that if the forces that call themselves democratic, will perform with one candidate, then it will be possible to win a victory in the first round.Klitschko agreed.Lady S persuade failed.