Coach Gwen Stefani revealed the secret of the ideal figure of the singer

Singer Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani) three years ago stepped 40-year milestone.Looking at her pictures in this fact hardly be believed.One can only envy, and it is better to follow the example of the star.Especially the former fitness trainer Gwen, Mike Helti, revealed some of the secrets of its ideal form.

about what should be exercise:

"I recommend to alternate training with high intensity cardio and power load. My clients are doing a 4-5 exercises with weights with no rest between sets, then 1-2 minutes to performcardio. Example: 20 repetitions full squats, 12 repetitions at the press, 20 lunges with a barbell, 15 repetitions of an exercise for the chest and three minutes away on a stationary bike at a rapid pace. These exercises can be repeated 3-4 times, and then proceed to the leastintensive. "

How much exercise to reach the desired results:

"It all depends on your desire, discipline and willpower. I recommend exercise for 60-75 minutes a few times a week. The main thing in this not s

o much to train, as well as theto do it. What matters the intensity and quality of training. "

about dietary:

"Getting rid of the extra kilos to 75-90% dependent on diet. The best diet for fat loss and weight loss - it is carbohydrate-free. It should reduce the consumption of bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. Limitthemselves in sugar and fast food. To sustain a long time without a carbohydrate food is difficult, so you can alternate days of strict diet days with gentle. "

On the most important issue in achieving the goal:

"At the moment the main problem, which leads to weight gain - a ready meal. It is difficult to constantly monitor the food that is sold - its caloric content, the composition and size of servings.I encourage everyone to be more organized and more often prepare food themselves, but do not eat cooked food. Of course, it is quite difficult, diet and exercise - easy to say, but in practice, so checked the willpower. "

As can be traced from the foregoing, the coach tips are quite simple and well known, but the example of Gwen Stefani show that they are effective.