What smells of August?

«Melon - as a wife when she is good, the best of all the vegetables, and when the bad - the worst", - says the Spanish proverb.

August - the height of summer, the heat and the smell of autumn is not yet.And what smells?In the summer, heat, flowers.August smells an abundance of life.It is a bouquet of floral scents - sweet peas, kosmeya, petunia, aster.And yet this is a floral fragrance aesthetic character.The most delicious smell of August most sweet and attractive - it's the smell of melons.

Melon appear on the shelves in mid-July, and does not leave them until the first frost.Empirically we found that the maximum number of ripe melons falls at the end of August.The surest sign of maturity - a unique magnificent flavor.When the melon has not yet reached the condition, the aroma is very thin, barely noticeable, which is audible, if get close to the yellow fruit.Ripe, juicy melon smells sweet, so that through a number of other market feel, which sells melons.

way, in India, the Central Asian melon - is the main food of the poor, the national product.Any resident "melon" countries, going to the other corner of the globe, taking with him a present of national pride - a melon.Only in countries considered to be the birthplace of melons, have made this sweet fruit in conjunction with other products, such as cakes and drinks.We have in other European countries where the melon - a delicacy, it is - a separate dish.It is believed that it is a heavy product to the gastrointestinal tract.Therefore, it is best to eat melon, no drinking and not binding.

smell of melon, as well as taste - amateur.To many, he is very pleasant.Melon - a divine fruit.So says the Egyptian pharaohs and holidays brought it as a gift to the gods.Sumerian clay tablets indicate that the melon was considered a perfect creation of their creator.In India, there is a legend, according to which God created both melon and a woman.So the Indians have drawn parallels between the melon flavor and feminine appeal.

But it turns out, not every fragrant melon.It depends on the variety.In Central Asia, the species diversity of melons has about 400 varieties.In Europe, the grown varieties Cantaloupe, which is inedible in their raw form, only cooked, the fruit does not smell.On the shelves you can sometimes see a green melon, ellipsoidal shape, solid, does not smell and they have little sweetness.This autumn melon Zard.

In Russia, only a few varieties are grown melons.Most often on the shelves comes Farmer.

Why melon scent that with anything, except for the melon, and can not be compared, so attractive to humans?Science explains: centers of the brain responsible for the sense of smell and fun are very close and connected.The sweetness of the melon and its odor associative forms a single bundle in humans.That's why, when we feel the fragrance of melons at the market, in anticipation of a sweet slice, loses his head and shopping.

Chemists learned to artificially get the flavor of melon with melon scent produced shampoos, perfumes, bath foams, to cause emotional lift humans.But do not confuse the delicate scent of a real warm scent of melon with any chemistry.Enjoy the taste of melon and inhale the aroma of August.

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