Circles under the eyes: How can they be reduced?

circles on the eyes, even very large, and spoil the look and mood.A woman looks older than his years, with her appearance does not leave an imprint of fatigue and illness.It happens that a normal dream, and health fails, and circles around the eyes only increase.

Causes of different circles: lack of sleep, fatigue, heredity.If they were, then the body is not all right.Bring back to normal appearance is possible, but it needs a lot of patience.

delicate skin under the eyes.In this region there are a lot of blood and lymph vessels, and adipose tissue is missing.It is therefore that the face area more sensitive to both the internal changes in the body, and the symptoms of the environment.

Chronic fatigue - the most common cause of community.This also can be attributed to constant stress, deteriorating environmental conditions, depression and the daily hustle and bustle.Appeasement, proper rest, systematic outdoor exercise will only benefit the body, and the circles under his eyes immediately reduced.

Alcohol reduces moisture content in tissues and dilates blood vessels.Blood stagnates, so the result looks up after this is not so simple.It is in the area of ​​eyes apply compresses of cold water to the circulation to normal.

Good nutrition also will be good for the skin around the eyes.Preference should be given fruit and vegetables, and the sharp, salty and fried foods minimized.Often circles around the eyes are due to lack of vitamin C or iron , therefore it is necessary to include in the diet of foods rich in these substances.

Allergy may cause the appearance of circles - they are a side effect of the disease.First of all, it should be identified allergen.They can be anything: the animal's hair, cosmetics, pollen, food.Expand capillaries, and some medications, so their choice should be treated carefully and meticulously.

Heredity awards vessels close to the skin.In this case, help is only a different camouflage cosmetics.Sometimes dark circles under the eyes occur due to problems with the liver, kidneys or due to failures in the cardiovascular system.In this case, you should consult a doctor and undergo treatment to eliminate the cause from within.

At home, too, can deal with dark circles.

better to start with the massage: forefingers lightly massage the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.If you carry out this procedure every day, it is possible to avoid fluid retention.Circulation will improve if a basin of cold water to lower the face several times to open and close your eyes.Good give effect compresses contrast infusion of sage (divided into two parts and one cool).Reduces circles refreshing mask from potatoes: raw vegetables rubbed on a fine grater, wrapped in gauze and applied to the eyes of minutes on 10.

urgently remove circles under the eyes will help mask cosmetics.First forever applied cream for sensitive skin, and then masking cosmetics.Suitable, for example, cream powder Flesh Tone.In adulthood, instead of the silicon powder is better to use creams, which a couple of shades lighter than the.Apply it exactly within the boundaries of dark shadows, without departing from the contours.

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