Clove oil against mosquitoes: application reviews

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summer - it's not only time colors, sun and fun, it is also a time when flying in the air, millions of insects.Not all of them are harmless, and sometimes it seems that escape the clouds of mosquitoes and black flies can not by any means.Fortunately, there are effective ways to combat the insect, and the last place on the list given to national methods.For example, you can use vanilla from midges, or clove oil against mosquitoes.

Basic properties

essential oil extracted from the flowers of pinks, have long been used to repel mosquitoes.Based on this effect that the insects do not tolerate sharp odor that arises from the high concentration of volatile substances such as methyl salicylate and caryophyllene.Intensive aromoveschestva like blind mosquitoes, and they lose the ability to find prey.In addition, clove oil has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing action, so that it is actively used in the treatment of abrasions, bites and cuts.
Buy this tool at any drug store, the price is quite democratic - from 60 rubles.per bottle.It should be remembered that the essential substances from different manufacturers may have different odor intensity, and therefore differently affected by insects.

clove oil mosquito can cook yourself.To do this, you need to buy dried flowers, which are sold in any grocery store, in the department of spices,
and pour a small amount of vegetable oil.After insisting for 3-4 days to receive funds with a strong characteristic aroma.Although it is worth noting that he has a less pungent smell than clove oil produced by industrial methods.

Repellents or clove oil mosquito: it is better

Recently, more and more people began to turn to folk remedies.Though it says that's not quite true, rather, we have never ceased to do so, and in some cases it is justified.For example, industrial repellents are excellent insect repellent, and if the spray is
substance on clothing or in a house, the gnats and mosquitoes will not be disturbed for a long time.But are they safe?Even information on the precarious instructions: do not breathe, do not apply to exposed areas of the body, do not use in enclosed and poorly ventilated areas, and so on. D. A children's release separate line of vehicles with a reduced concentration of active substances, which is not encouraging.That is why people try to use folk remedies, sometimes they are less effective but much safer.For example, the essential oil of cloves mosquito does not cause the same harm to health as industrial repellents.


Although natural substances seem quite harmless, they still have a number of contraindications.Clove oil against mosquitoes is not necessary to apply high blood pressure, small children and people with weak nervous system under stress and excitable.In addition, essential oils are contraindicated for pregnant women because of their impact on the tone of the uterus.

Even before use is necessary to conduct some tests on an allergic reaction:

1. Breathe in the smell from a distance, without holding a bottle-to-face.If the you dizzy, appeared weak, were red spots on the skin,
watered eyes or any other symptoms were malaise, the tool does not suit you.

2. Hold the bottle to his face and a deep breath.If these symptoms appear, you can continue testing.

3. Dissolve 1 drop of a substance in a teaspoon of vegetable oil and put on a small patch of skin.If no response is not evident, it is possible to safely use
clove oil against mosquitoes.

Important: you can not violate the dosage or apply undiluted essential ingredient to the skin, as it causes irritation.Never use concentrated substance on the mucous membranes or around the eyes.

How to protect yourself from insects?

Carnation against mosquitoes and black flies can be used in different ways.For example, good spray will act.For its preparation must take 20 drops of an essential oil and dilute it to 40 ml of water.To the mixture is necessary to add some salt, it contributes to a better mixing of substances.Then pour the liquid into any empty spray bottle and put on clothing and exposed areas of the body, mucous membranes and avoiding the eye area.

Another recipe: Mix two teaspoons of olive oil, one teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 10 drops of clove oil.

If you do not have any auxiliary substances, you can use the funds from the cosmetic, such as a cream, gel or lotion: just squeeze a little weight on your hands, drop 1-2 drops of clove oil and apply on the body or clothing.In this case, the effect will be a little weaker, but still quite effective.

How to protect a house?

Remedy mosquito of cloves can be used indoors and recipes of its application, there are many.For example, one can apply some material on conventional incandescent - heating process will facilitate the evaporation of volatile substances.More can be done to Aromalamps mixture of cloves and cedar oil or liquid spray - combine 15 drops of clove oil and lemon 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and 500 ml of water.The smell is a more enjoyable than one clove, and you can use it in all areas.Do not forget that before the spray bottle should be shaken.

Another good way to protect against mosquitoes is that on a damp cloth or towel is applied to 5-10 drops of clove oil.As the evaporation of the aroma they fill the entire room and protect the home from insects.

How to protect children from insects?

clove oil against mosquitoes for children can and should be applied.However, with care, as with any other substance.Therefore, make sure your child does not have allergic reactions, and then use.You should remember one golden rule: do not need to without having to put on skin, it is best to use it on the things around children.For example, you can make a pendant or bracelet, impregnated with essential oil or spray curtain near the crib.Clove oil from mosquitoes for children is applied only in a diluted form,
example, 50 ml of olive oil or sunflower must add 5 drops of clove.In aromomedalonah and bracelets using no more than 1-2 drops.
Important: for young children essential oil with a pungent smell contraindicated.

People's Councils

Clove is used in cooking and in perfumery and it involves a lot of people's will:

1. carnation flowers burning during ceremonies to attract wealth or purification processes.

2. cloves can carry in your pocket, to avoid evil gossip, or the influence of hostile people.

3. The aroma of cloves during magical rites used to dispel evil, make clear the mind or to get protection during the ritual.

4. Beads of carnation flowers are a guardian for the children.

5. The plant symbolizes family values ​​- marriage or engagement.

clove oil against mosquitoes: consumer reviews

How effective folk remedies?For consumers, it is important that it is not only safe, but effective enough.So how effectively clove oil against mosquitoes?Comments about this method of combating insect pretty good - much smaller bites, and therefore the mood is much better.However, there are drawbacks: many annoying steep intense smell of the substance, even without the expressed allergic reactions, in addition, this material is short-lived - for maintenance should be carried out after a fairly short period of time.However, all is not so much to abandon this method of controlling insects.And the mosquito of clove would be a good addition to your medicine cabinet in the spring and summer.