The eternal question: "What appeared before - the chicken or the egg?"

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What appeared before - the chicken or the egg?This question we hear from school, people arguing, trying to find the answer, but the answer is no, remain unconvinced.Someone insists that the egg comes first, and chicken hatched from it, while others defended the theory that the chicken came before the egg, because she carried him.So where is the truth?Let's see, what's the point of this question, which has no explicit answer, and see what came before - the chicken or the egg.In this article we will try to solve the puzzle, or at least come closer to understanding its essence.Some religions and philosophical movements believe that the answer is simple, and the question is not worth a damn.First, in their view, it was an egg, it symbolizes the birth of the universe in all its diversity.Other religions bring other arguments: God created the earth and all living things on it, including chicken, and the chicken has laid an egg.Everything is logical, both versions have a right to exist, but we are again faced with a dilemma: which view is correct, and that appeared before - the chicken or the egg?

essence of this issue is the transfer of mankind in the dual world.Before the company is not the first hundred years of set tasks, the answers to which involve a choice between the two categories.And there is a division into two worlds: it is good and that is bad;it's true, but it is a lie;is black, and is white.Too easy?Let's complicate.A very good example - election campaign.We offer all of the same two options: the Democratic candidate or a candidate, say, a communist.And it does not matter the political color of the "object" is just an example of a dual choice.Or consider the political situation in Ukraine, where the people put before a choice - European integration, or "friendship" with Russia.People are taught to dual thinking, and we forget that in the world other than black and white, there are other colors, there is always an alternative, and it is not necessary to go the proposed routes.After all, they are both wrong, and lead man to a false choice.As an example, the dialogue from the film "What do men": "Did you have a good woman, and the other from this bad.And you're all done for the third - and she still ... ยป

This short fragment tells us about the diversity of life, colors and halftones.To answer this question it is not necessary to dwell only on the proposed options.Make your choice!Look for third, fourth, and if need be, and the tenth version of the answer.The main thing is that it matches your vision, not a stranger.Learn to think outside the box, pulled out from the routine of life, go its own way.And the question: "chicken or the egg - which came before?" - Leads us to the duality.And in the end it leads to a truly democratic choice: which is better - hanging or firing squad?Wise to abandon what we slip.Choose a different version, and what it will be - it's up to you.

And now, back to our question: "What appeared before - the chicken or the egg?" The answer is simple, as the world around us, you just have to learn to see, hear and understand: first came rooster.Because with the assistance of the chicken can carry a fertilized egg.