Self-actualization - is ... self-actualization

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concept of self-actualization become a part of our daily lives.More and more people are seriously thinking about how to fully realize their potential.Modern psychological science has proven that the real possibility of human inexhaustible and boundless.

In other words, we often do not suspect what is hidden behind the inner strength of our physical body, a great spirit of self-expression needs.Some call it the beginning of the soul, others talk about the need for self-actualization.One way or another, but an expression of their true nature is necessary for each person to remain in harmony with itself and the world.

theory of self-actualization

the first to introduce this concept was K. Goldstein.The scientist formulated the term "self-actualization".This special mood of consciousness, when the fore the need for creative realization, the disclosure of their abilities, the release features.The person who felt a need for self-actualization, will do anything to achieve their goals, including overcoming obstacles encountered without fear of disappointment, leaving behind doubt and anxiety.

Abraham Maslow

students of psychological faculties of the first course introduces the famous pyramid of needs Abraham Maslow.Among other significant values ​​of the individual single stage he is self-actualization.Maslow talked about the needs of the individual to realize his destiny.What does it mean?It means to be able to open up to the maximum to himself in public life, express themselves in any matter of concern to the individual a substantial interest.

Abraham Maslow stressed that self-actualization of a person depends only on himself, and it can not shift the responsibility of the other.Each of us has his destiny, his job, the talent that we have to realize in this world.To do this, we come into this world.Such a significant business and reveals man in his true essence and individual essence of the term "self-actualization".Maslow talks about it.

Self-actualization in the period of youth

Youth age is pretty complicated in nature, it is impossible not to agree.It was at this time laid the foundations of the values ​​and ideas of the world in a new way, from the perspective of understanding themselves and others, formed worldview, is the development of self-actualization.That's why many young people in the fifteen - seventeen show excessive persistence, intolerance even aggressiveness.About this period, young people often say that they are maximalists.This means that the need for self-expression they are closely associated with the idea of ​​myself and how this world is arranged.For example, if a young man has a talent of the artist, he will sell it at this age just as much as he believes in his luck.If the peer did not understand him, laughing at his occupation, drawings, that is a strong likelihood that he did not have the courage to fulfillment in this period of development.At the age of fifteen - seventeen years he has much influence on the self-perception of their peers, and their opinions could be crucial.

Self-actualization of young people

This is a grown-up person, not just the age of majority, but also to learn a profession or studying in universities.This period of development is characterized by a desire for independence, the statement of his ideals embodied in the life of bold ideas and preferences.

need for self-actualization is very high.For example, if at the time a young person begins to employment, it wants to achieve some success, to climb up the career ladder.This is the most favorable time for self-realization, as will spur healthy ambition to take decisive action, lead to new challenges.In his youth, self-actualization - is not just a necessity, but an important component of personality.

Self-actualization of a mature man

Sometimes it happens that it is an adult, held a person may feel a little out of place - out of place in the work, which has been experiencing difficulties in their personal lives while building relationships.Self-actualization of the individual in this age depends largely on how much the person herself allows itself to do what she likes.In most cases, reaching maturity, many people "calm down" and often rest on their laurels.If this high position, they do not tend to to learn new things, cease to be engaged in self-education.If the person before that time has not reached the true self, you think about it it becomes painful, and, most likely, he would prefer to close for himself the subject, choosing dive into the habit, is not it safer and more comfortable.That such a person is bored at work, not learning a new way, without having to buy additional skills.

At the same time it is this period of development can be a great starting point and lead a person to certain achievements, if a person wants to change their lives and make this important effort.Self-actualization of the person here is the latest "warning bell" signal, leading to change.

Happiness is to be who you are

Perhaps someone will say that he can not afford to completely fulfill your potential in life.In this case, these people self-actualization - is unattainable top, which they do not have the guts to climb.In order to keep moving in the direction you want, need some courage.After all, in case of failure certainly have to answer to yourself.But they can also surrounding "finger show": say, he did not work, look in front of you a complete loser.Not only consolation is that laugh at a man who did not work out, usually those who have never made any attempt to self-realization.But the man, who himself went through similar problems, will seek to at least give advice and support to best help.

Despite all the difficulties that inevitably faces every man, go to the "free floating", the movement for self-actualization is worth it.You'll eventually be rewarded for all the toil and hardship, that you still had to go through.For there is no greater happiness in the world than to know that you play your destination and do not live in vain.

sense of victory and joy winner

only one who reaches a high level in their field, is experiencing a tremendous sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.Such a person knows what he lives and their existence never seems meaningless to him, there is an inner core on which everything rests.The need for self-actualization inherent in every person.But not every person is able to reach a state makes possible all what she wants.

Full bowl

when it reaches the top of a particular business or any other business that requires the cost of internal resources, not just feel like a winner, and you become more confident, you can build ambitious plans and dreams for the following achievements.

gets the feeling that hold in the hands of a world that understands and accepts you.Personal victories allow a person to feel important, necessary, indispensable.

Creative self-realization can only to imagine how huge elation when creating his works experienced by people of creative professions: writers, poets, musicians and artists.For them, self-actualization - is the meaning of life, the air they breathe.Take away from them this opportunity - go crazy.In fact, self-actualization is always associated with creativity, what would the man was doing, because he has to simulate a new reality, to choose for themselves guidelines, values, tools with which it will be guided in the future.

Thus, the concept of self-actualization necessarily involves the pursuit of self-realization and self-expression of the person in need.Ambitious and talented people, of course, it is easier to define a field of activity.But even if you are far from being Shakespeare, do not forget about their individuality, that it can be taken at your wish.