Transgender - what is it?

Transgender, or how often call this phenomenon transsexuality is a psychological differences between biological and social sex.The literal translation refers to this phenomenon "is not feminine."

In simple terms, this is the situation where a person feels psychologically creation of the opposite sex, while experiencing the discomfort called medical gender dysphoria.That is the realization of powerlessness to change anything provokes stress, and sometimes leads to suicide.

What accounts for such changes

To date there is no clear explanation of what transgender, or single-sex attraction to look like the opposite.Some experts on the basis of ten years of research have theorized that this factor is responsible for the structure of certain parts of the brain that are somewhat different from those of a person with ordinary vision of the world.Perhaps, with the same success we can say that for transgender meets the eye color or nose shape.

One should not make the mistake and confused transgender gay or lesbian as transgender - is a person possessing an absolutely normal sexual orientation, and even more so - despises homosexuality.

sex reassignment

This measure is probably the only today that can provide harmony between man what he feels inside, and what he sees in the reflection of a mirror.Despite the rather innocuous title, this is one of the most complicated surgeries, the meaning of which is to remove the innate sexual organs and replace them with organs of the opposite sex that will allow people to take their gender role in society.

addition to the surgery, the patient condemns itself to continuous use of expensive hormone for life.In addition, there is a good chance to weaken the immune system and at risk of a terrible disease.Nevertheless, more and more people fall under the surgeon's knife, in order to realize their dreams into reality, without studying in detail the information that is transgender.But the risk that the new authorities do not take root, is very large.

consequences of sex reassignment surgery

In addition to the healing process and wound healing takes a long time, people who went through such a procedure, often frustrating.The fact that by signing the documents in the hospital, patients waiting for a miracle and do not realize that sex change is 100% impossible.It remains to tone of voice, rough, or, conversely, too feminine facial features, arms, legs and more.In order to achieve real results have to spend tens of plastic surgery throughout the body.Such ready not many, and in the end it turns out that after the operation such people are marginalized and do not understand took place in society: like, according to the documents the man, but for many conspicuous signs - a woman ...

Alreadyafter healing of wounds and scars moment comes the realization that the external similarity with a woman does not imply the possibility to become pregnant and bear a child.

Pros and Cons

public opinion on the fact that a transgender person, and is entitled to it be a full member of society, divided.Someone empathizes with such people and is ready to accept the idea that it is - a joke of nature, which is suffering from a very normal people turned out for mockery space, in the body of the opposite sex.Someone totally disagree and totally convinced that the problem lies in promiscuity or psychological abnormalities.To say who is right, it is very difficult because some differences in the brain is still observed, but that's what it is - that rejection, while no one argues.And further.Transgender, photos of which are presented in the article is much less frightening than the crime reports.This is also worth considering.

Gender identity

In fact, this awareness of belonging to a particular sex and the corresponding formation of attitude towards this fact.

At the end of the 20th century has been revised concept of gender relations Sandra Bem, which suggests that men and women may not necessarily conform to generally accepted role models and have the right to combine some of the qualities of the opposite sex.What does this lead?And the fact that today is the best androgynous model of personality, which incorporates the best of both sexes.

course, as they say, in the age of "the brave women and feminine men" transgender can be called almost every person on Earth.But 50 years ago, such a theory would be, at least, received a hostile reception, since gender identity was only at the stage of studying.

For each parent, of course, is the worst nightmare that a child will sooner or later decide to change their sex.Because of these fears, and ignorance of what transgender, they are beginning to put pressure on the unformed psyche of the child, trying to direct it in the right direction.But do not confuse sexual orientation with a passion for drawing and dancing classes for boys and girls weightlifting.You should not try to diagnose yourself and develop deviation from unreasonable son complexes.If such "deviations" are, they have already been laid in the child since birth, and change anything impossible, can only exacerbate the problem, making a future member of society as a closed, unsociable hermit.

In conclusion

Today, the vast majority did not even react when transgender woman sitting next to a movie or the subway.More and more people change their sex, go on stage, addicted to politics and take a firm place in society.In families where one or both parents changed their sex, grow up perfectly healthy and happy children, without any prerequisites to homosexuality.And less people see this unnatural fact.Transgender, photos that flooded the various information resources, are becoming popular.Once the feminist movement is also perceived by the public as something unnatural, people do not take their views and beliefs.A few years later, the situation has changed, and today no one would call a crazy feminist or a danger to others.No, no one calls transgender perceive as the norm or a goal worth striving for.But yelling, angry or pointing fingers at the sight of such a person, you should not.Good or bad - hard to say, because, as we know, everything is relative.