Invest in the lands of the Lord!

With a small amount of accumulated funds, many Russians think where they invest, to get the maximum possible profit.Traditional sources such deposits will bring no more than 12% per annum.Attached to apartments in Moscow and Moscow region require significant initial capital.In order to really make the stock markets, it is necessary to have some knowledge and experience, otherwise it is likely "burn."Where to invest the available funds, if not more than 500 thousand. - 1 mln. Rubles.?Reference is made in the Moscow land!

Invest in the ground!At the moment, this is perhaps the most affordable way to invest relatively small amounts of money with a real impact in the short term.Important in this regard to choose the right plot.

Now on the market of Moscow region are more than 500 cottage villages in various stages of development.And not all of them can be a reliable source of equity investment.Only the combination of certain factors could be back guarantee and increasing investment.Consider an example.

turned his attention to the North-West of Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, the water area of ​​the Istra reservoir.This area is considered to be prestigious, it is due to many factors: favorable wind rose, the lack of industrial enterprises and, most importantly, the presence of large water - Istra reservoir.Land in the village, in close proximity to the water is very expensive, the price per hundred square meters starts at $ 5,000, up to $ 20,000 and up, the price of houses in the villages on the water may be 1 million. $ And above.At these prices the average Russians, not many can afford to have a summer residence in the area.Some even do not look at the proposal Istra Reservoir, asThey believe that miracles do not happen.

And yet, in the second half of 2012, the market appears settlement "Villa Gavan" from Harbour Group, with prices from 90 sq.m to 120 thousand. Rub., The area from 540 - 1400 thousand. Rubles.Let us look to the village more closely and analyze it in terms of an equity investment, liquidity and value of the land:

  • Location of the village can be regarded as successful.Village Friday is just 50 km away.from the Moscow Ring Road and 5 km.on Pyatnitskoe highway, it is a dead-end road.On three sides the village is surrounded by the Istra reservoir.The distance from the site to the reservoir - 300 ... 800 meters.The administrative center of the rural settlements with kindergartens, schools, hospitals and so on.7 km.from the village.
  • Transport accessibility in the short term (2014). Will be significantly improved by the highway "Moscow-Saint-Petersburg", which passes within 10 km.from the village.
  • The village is part of the boundary of the village - the village on Friday.Permitted use of land - for low-rise housing construction.This means that the village is possible to register, receive property tax deduction and use the maternity capital in the construction of the house.If desired, these lands can build a house for several families (townhouses, duplexes, etc.). With the advent of new residents, the village will develop, there will be social facilities, shops and other infrastructure necessary for life.
  • centralized communications to connect the village "Villa Gavan" is planned.Residents are invited to address this issue independently or paying services to entrust to specialized organizations.At first glance, such an approach does not speak in favor of the settlement, but, since this is the only way to ensure affordable / low land prices in the area, the developer can understand.If you look at the lack of communication from the point of view of investment, we can see a different picture.In many villages near Moscow, sale of agricultural land in these villages the developer is forced to take over the cost of wrapping up electricity and gas, asindependent activation residents not legally possible.Prices for legal entities, the repayment capacity - it significantly increases the cost of land.As a result, you are buying a plot of land in a village in the first place, overpay, secondly, waiting, when the developer will fulfill its promises.It is no secret that in Moscow there are villages in which communication has not announced, but the developers have gone.An entirely different situation with the villages belonging to the boundaries of settlements.Power generation and transmission companies are required to provide residents with electricity up to 15 kW per site, at prices for individuals (for obtaining specifications 550rub.), A similar situation with the gas.Given the mass appeal of citizens with requests for connection Electric Grid Company for six months should begin to perform work.Thus, bought for 540 thousand. in the village of "Villa Gavan" you just do not have it connected to electricity, but guaranteed, a year or two you get it.Monitoring of the situation showed that the reserves of electric power in the district are available, the connection - a trick.At the initial stage of development sites has not been canceled, alternative sources, such as the inverter and generator.The cost of land to let down electricity to much higher investment.
  • lack of control of the company - is another significant advantage in that case if you plan to invest and do not plan to actively explore the site.You are not afraid of fees, surcharges, inflated prices, utilities and other amenities condominiums.Significant savings on the services of a management company, a site can develop gradually, year after year, without inflicting a crushing blow on the wallet.If you wish, you can join with their neighbors in the non-profit partnership or create a condominiums, select the chairman, who on behalf of the partnership will focus on summing up the communications in the future of their maintenance and operation.
  • Payments for acquired land held by bank transfer, no hidden fees, and receipts cells.Transparency of the transaction confirms the reliability of the developer, and greatly simplifies the procedure for obtaining a property tax deduction.

Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that the new draft of the Group of Companies "harbor" - village "Villa Gavan" is a good example of the village, investments in which, even in the short term, can bring tangible benefits.This acquisition will not be for the owner a heavy load, the site you can buy for the future children or retired parents, who will be able to live all year round or to spend the summer near Moscow, in an ecologically friendly environment.Having bought the land for the start of sales, for a minimal cost, investing small amounts and doing its own development, a couple of years, you can get a highly liquid asset.Competent investment in land - the key to your success, because I want to finish the review of the words of Mark Twain, "Buy land - it is no longer produced."

Invest in the land of the Lord!