Being greedy badly: why?

Greed - it is a common quality of nature, the nature of which is still unclear, and psychologists and psychotherapists still debating its causes.

Under greed meant excessive greed or the inability of a person to commit selfless acts.This quality of character and is known by other names - the greed, avarice, the third vice person.

Simplifying, we can say that at the domestic level to be greedy horrible.Why is that?This question is answered our article.

Where does greed?Types of greed

Psychologists have found that greed has its origins in early childhood.The more parents restrict their child, the more likely the formation fisted nature.For example, you do not listen to the wishes of the baby or continually make him suffer.The baby absorbs a similar pattern of behavior in the future it will be copied.

Greed is of two types: healthy and unhealthy.Under healthy greed understood reasonable savings caused by man of modest means.The second type - this is greed, unhealthy or exaggerated.A person infec

ted with the virus spiritual greed, unhappy looks comical side.It's funny to look at wealthy individual who is constantly looking for profit and is afraid to spend the extra penny.

Greed - a symbiosis of avarice and greed

Define third vice is not so simple.We can say that a greedy person - is the one in which coexist with greed avarice.Under the first refers to the desire to constantly increase their benefits under the second - on the contrary, a painful attitude toward spending.It turns out to be greedy horrible, because the man is not enough that seeks to profit so also afraid to spend the extra penny.

Continuing the theme of avarice can be said that this concept is close to the value of thrift and stinginess.They are not yet greed, but can go into it, if you do not wish to spend money becomes intrusive.

However, smart people able to see the face of the dangerous and realize that it is time to reflect on their attitude toward material things.

be greedy horrible.Why is that?

In our capitalist era is difficult to find someone who is not prone to greed.Especially when success is equated with material wealth.Of course, the desire to have enough money for a decent standard of living - this is normal.

But being terribly greedy."Why?"- Asks the reader.Yes, because it is the quality of the character does not allow a person to be happy: it compresses the soul, like a boa constrictor, and stops to breathe.

consider in more detail how to limit human greed:

  • Permanent savings for yourself.Miser counts every penny he can not relax and sometimes not even to think about how much he has spent.
  • Greed creates zavist.Takoy person always says more than the wealthy.He does not feel the sincere joy of the other - in his heart he envies him.
  • Avarice.A greedy man comes from personal benefit, he is unable to perform good deeds just like that, without expecting anything in return.

Summing up, we can say that being a terribly greedy, as cheapskate does not bring happiness to himself or others.

How to overcome greed?

Make sure that you truly realize that being greedy is terrible.The writing on this subject can write one if carefully ponder.Some of it will allow to see myself from the outside and a good laugh, and possibly review its system of values.

become more harmonious human and greed to help get rid of the simple rules:

  • do good things just like that, without expecting anything in return.
  • Learn truly enjoy the success of others.
  • help friends, if you have the opportunity.
  • Enjoy life without thinking about finances even while on vacation.
  • Give thanks for the good people like to do with you, and for little surprises.
  • Develop self-irony.
  • Remember that happiness is not measured by money, happiness - a state of mind.

Money plays an important role in the life of our contemporaries.They are a tool by which a person is free to perform certain actions.Do not hesitate to please your friends and loved ones.Generous people - by definition, happy, and long ago proved that the giver is always returned twice.

Always remember that being a terribly greedy.Why, you know.