Why are people so cruel?

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daily in our lives gets a solid film of all sizes.Media helpfully report who killed who, robbed, shot down.Constantly different sources of information is brought to our attention information about new disasters, political turmoil.A positive, compared to the amount of negative news negligible.It seems that the good and the good of the world completely gone.Unfortunately, this stream is so "clogged" the head, that today no one even wondered why people are so cruel?How does it change?And whether modern humanity so heartless?

The main reasons why so many violent people?The answer is to be found in the causes of aggression.It should be noted that cruelty quite different faces.Thus it is not difficult to identify.A person who causes another pain, causing suffering, it does not matter, morally or physically, is fully aware of this and seeks to harm - is tough.

Psychologists are three reasons why people are cruel:

  • dissatisfaction with life .SPECIAL dissatisfied with their lot, often exposed to stress, depression.These emotions are so much overwhelmed with their soul, that at any moment ready to break free.That is why all the negativity often spills mothers on children.Some people are under the influence of anger, break tree branches, beaten animals.This state of mind is quite dangerous, as threatening the owner of neurosis, mental disorders.Besides all this, the constant negativity seriously shortens life expectancy, leading to the development of heart disease and skin problems.
  • Indifference .Very often, it generates unjustified cruelty.Some people do not even try to understand how much pain can cause their actions and sometimes words.They do not realize how much can hurt the other.At the same time the object of their cruelty becomes a weak creature, which can not show emotions and explain the pain he caused.
  • Repressed emotions. Sometimes a person shows aggression "on the side."This behavior is typical of those who in their daily lives to constantly hide and suppress the desires, emotions, impulses.The most common characteristic of such cruelty have grown-up children (especially boys), who grew up in a family of authoritarian parents.Employees who are forced unquestioningly obey the orders of the chief, unable to identify his will, under certain conditions, may prove extremely Ruthless.

Historical cruelty

older generation likes to wonder - why so many violent people come from?That had all been kinder.Listening to their complaints, unwittingly agrees.One has only to open a newspaper or watch the news.

Before, people were kinder.It is worth considering.And before that - when was that?Thousands of years ago, when cannibalism flourished?Well, these people can be in the long run even to justify.They were once primitive.And of humane attitude towards one's neighbor does not know.And maybe kinder were those who lived in the era of the Inquisition?Or, during the reign of Stalin?A lot of people sitting in prisons because of denunciations.How many such "Dobryakov" earnestly tried to teach his neighbor "gift"!

Why there is a feeling that today so many violent people?Of course, a contribution made by the media.In an era of democracy, they pay more attention to atrocities.It should be noted that the level of humanity, and humanity has risen, so aggression is so much evident.

Relationships with family

All people tend to be violent.In some, it happens very rarely.More often show aggression.At the same time commit any violent act can, and quite often these outbreaks occur in really good people.Unfortunately, all the negativity spills on the most loved ones.For those who really love and is very expensive.Why are people so cruel?What makes them "pluck" anger at the family and with others to restrain outbursts of anger?Why is communicating with people close to control their behavior can not?

Because relatives are not going anywhere.Talking to strangers, a man restrains himself.The reasons are many: the desire to place the companion to her, and the fear of losing each other interesting.In the case of the head of intemperance could face dismissal.But if it enters the circle of relatives, especially in a bad mood, a person could ruffle even a single word.That's when the scandal erupted on a completely empty space.Of course, this is fundamentally wrong, but accumulated negative requires discharge.That's why it is poured, and the most loved ones.They, even if much of insult and quarrel with them, so much love that still forgive.

root of evil

anger given by nature.It is necessary that in critical moments to mobilize all forces to fight.But how it will be used a person depends on the rules of morality, vaccinated in childhood.If the parents towards the child show aggression, it's sure to backfire.The relationship between children and their fathers, based on fear, likely to be taken over by a teenager with peers.It is in the family should seek the root of evil.Such training clearly explains why people become violent.

Although in this situation the child may develop another model of behavior: he decides what is bad and to blame.Such a teenager becomes a victim of maltreatment peers.Often he did not even seeking protection methods, believing he deserved such.

Sometimes the cause of aggression might not be violence, and overprotection.This method of investing in the education of the child's subconscious feeling of permissiveness.Teenager fancies himself the most important and demands unquestioning obedience.Unfortunately, people are not taught by their parents to respect others, nowhere else can gain this wisdom.He did not even notice how humiliate.

instability in society

The indirect cause of violence is growing anxiety.Social inequality, instability, leading to a feeling of discomfort.On TV screens people see again, the cruelty.A person whose mind is formed, able to distinguish the grain from the husk, it will not accept aggression as a call to action.The child will absorb like a sponge, screen scenes of violence.And can perceive all this as a kind of school of life.It is important to realize how much hurt the child's mind like TV, and the answer to the question: "Why do people become violent?"will be received immediately.The feeling of rejection

It is especially developed in adolescence.However, many adults suffer such feelings into adulthood.Quite often you can watch the picture when the baby cries aloud in the street and points to the person of another color or having a physical disability.

Adults react quite differently.On a subconscious level, they feel a sense of danger.There is a desire to keep aloof.But some of it is manifested in cruelty and violence.This feeling sometimes leads teens to mock their peers, different from them.Why are people so cruel?Again, the transfer of skills of tolerance and respect in the family will not allow a teenager or an adult behave.

how to defend the victim

Psychologists say that a team is easy enough to determine what kind of people are cruel, and who is the "lamb."Therefore advised to identify the victim of aggression by the following features:

  • low self-esteem;
  • insecurity;
  • full acceptance of the view that the troubles deserved.

should start with an understanding of the "I".Anyone who has a number of advantages and disadvantages.It is exactly there.And it does not hurt one has the right.Only fully accept this truth, we can move further along the path of raising self-esteem, feelings of success.The child in this awareness can help parents.Adult, as a model of behavior has taken root, it is better to take the help of a professional psychologist.

Usually good hobby helps some new thing.You can even enroll in martial arts groups.

It is important to consider the response to the offender.He will perceive you quite differently, if the answer is different from his expectations.In some cases, it makes it humorous.Try not to succumb to irritation and to send a complex conflict in the mainstream of jokes.At the same time learn to accept less acutely unpleasant situation.

How to deal with its own aggression?

reasons described above give an idea of ​​why good people become violent.But how to deal with such manifestations?What to do if you start to boil internally?

perfectly cleaned of negative exercise.After all, sport teaches conscious control over your emotions and body.Psychologists often recommend to learn breathing exercises.It enables you to control and body, and spirit.

find a safe outlet for pent-up negativity.Throw your emotions screaming.Not on relatives or a colleague.Shout where necessary.For example, become an ardent football fan or attend rock concerts.

way, psychologists recommend this technique: stand near the railroad evening.When the train passes, shouting with all their might, as loud as you can.The noise of the wheels drown out any sound.No one will hear you, and the body receives the necessary discharge.


Remember that with the sense of cruelty that occurs within you, only you can handle.And it's completely within your power.If you want to find an answer to the question "why people are so cruel", start with yourself.Analyze your behavior.Get rid of toxic feelings, because sooner or later it may turn into severe depression.