For guys a question.

development of information technology is not standing still, and if in the last century, people from different cities to know each other and were active in the conversation through letters, today boast of such experience can not everyone.Correspondence could be delayed for many years, because the long-awaited answer was very long and informative, and had to wait for months.Currently, social networks have simplified the communication between people from different cities, in the Internet space people find friends and mate.Women, being the most curious, scratching their heads over what questions to ask a guy correspondence not to scare him and did not seem obtrusive.

Maiden strategy

now developed a variety of services for the rapid exchange of electronic messages, and a few days the person can find out almost everything.The main task before exploring the virtual world - to determine who in the future will be a familiar correspondence: a friend, a close friend or partner.On this basis, the girls develop tactics and advance to think through the issue of boys, which is located in a pleasant conversation.Do not expect that the young man suddenly reveal all the cards and he will tell everything about yourself in detail.

It's no secret that women are much talkative, but unnecessarily long speeches can deter a pen pal, he had the impression that his virtual girlfriend forgot about it and is a monologue.Whatever the conversation was conducted, to take part in it have two, and talker, telling about himself, must wait for a response from the interlocutor.Having prepared the original questions Man, Woman be able to talk and learn more about his personal life and interests.

day the first acquaintance

Very often search for friends on the social networks by men and women, even with a strong desire hesitate to send a friend request get noticed guy, and probably will vote for the photos, will frequented its pages, but will not startacquaintance.This fear is caused by the fact that the representation of women is a man must take the first steps, but not vice versa.No matter who was the initiator of dating, the main thing - to make contact and ask about the mood, frame of mind, and only then move on to talk about hobbies and leisure.On the day the first acquaintance Think interesting questions for the guys to each of the speakers, if more than one, felt the need for such dialogue and gladly talk on abstract themes.

male psychology

Young people are more secretive than the fair sex, and prefer to listen more than talk.Women on long conversations have fun, and men, in contrast, can be a little bit tired from hours of interviews.Because of this, there is a misunderstanding in a relationship for a long time when she tells something and asks her lover to repeat or to express their opinions, and he shrugs.

Young people try not to show himself in the worst possible light, so there are some correspondence guy better not to ask at all, so as not to put him in an awkward position.Men prefer to keep silent about their welfare, and the possible exception of very wealthy owners of mansions, or luxury cars.For example, asking about the car, you can put your interlocutor into a dead end, if it leads not expensive "Mercedes" and the grandfather "Volga".Before coming up with a question for the guys, ask whether they will get the pleasure of conversation with you, or prefer to ignore the overly curious individuals.

If a guy - just one

Depending on the status of the young man towards you must be delineated certain line beyond which it is not recommended.If you made the acquaintance of a man to find meaning in his face a trusted friend, ask his views on life, hobbies, education or place of work.It is recommended to ask funny questions guys, so they relaxed in a conversation with you.From such dialogue turns true friendship, which, after a banal correspondence Network develops to campaigns for music festivals, exhibitions or biking.Ask your potential friend to recall childhood and fun to talk about the first fall from a bicycle, the first trip to the zoo or failure of the culinary experience.Do not hesitate to tell him about his blunders.Get guys a good laugh, you can be sure that such a friend like you, he certainly has long lacked.Do not ask his friend about his views on the female ideal, first sexual experience or the desired number of children, or the young man will think that you are applying for the role of his companion.

lovestruck ...

It's no secret that many of the current couple found each other not in real life and on the Internet.Studies show that marriages after they met in the virtual world last much longer.For the successful development of communication should follow the two and not just a man.Sometimes we must take the initiative in the hands of the girl and talk of the potential partner.Questions favorite guy to help learn about it as much as possible.The main thing - to prevent the stupidity and not to ask about the former relations of the man, but to ask about his views on the ideal mistress would not be amiss.And it would be better if you love the girl asks the young man to his mother.If a guy really loves his mother and speaks about it very well, you can be sure that it - his ideal.After hearing from a guy the phrase "you are so much like my mother," can expect that the relationship with the person you are strong and many, possible marriage and a happy family life.

Why not ask recommended

For guys question should not carry much mental exertion.It makes no sense to seek the views of basketball on the theory of probability, or to think about the philosophy of Kant with the architect.Not recommended unfamiliar person asking about his religious and political views, the number of partners.Communication with the young man to be positive, so also is interested in his past, in which there is a place sad memories, otherwise it will avoid further meetings with you.

Service Anonymous question: to know him better

Even the most courageous women do not always dare to ask the guy about something intimate or indecent.In this case, come to the aid of anonymous services issues, such as young man did not hesitate to write back about my personal life, likes and dislikes to certain covenants, and even about their sexual experiences.Questions on "ASK" guy can specify any plan, even about herself.Many of these women are openly asking whether he likes Maria Ivanova, and if he wants her future relations.The young man does not want to seem like a fool for an anonymous public, so the answer is a clear and justified.

Do you love me?

big mistake women is that they are usually very impatient and the first days of dialogue bored guy with questions about his appeal.The time will come, and will be able to learn about any relation to his companion, but if you are constantly asking, "Do you like me?" - Can be assured that this straightforwardness to anything good will not.Maybe the answer will satisfy you, but it is unlikely to further your conversation will be as forthright.For guys, the question should be given not for personal gain, to the same men do not like when women take the initiative in their hands, so that even the most impatient girls should wait until the source starts to show the first signs of sympathy and attention.

Caution: lie!

Never trust a companion for 100% until I met him in person and do not know about this man as much as possible.In the social network boy nerd might seem a millionaire from the United States, and no one will know the whole truth.To verify whether or not the virtual one who gives himself in the photographs, ask to talk to him on the webcam.On the Internet, everyone is trying to seem better than it actually is.Communication of the web should be easy and relaxed, so try to ask funny questions guys to be relaxed in a conversation with you and does not tried to create an image of a serious macho.Choose the correct tactics, then you trust the source, and communication will be a long and interesting.